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10 Severely Under-Followed Funny People On Twitter

Some of the funniest people alive are giving a free show, right now. All you need in order to claim your free laughs is a twitter account and at least one finger to click “follow.” If you’re new to the Twitterverse, the initial “people to follow” suggestions have probably introduced you to the likes of Rob Delaney and TV special big-guns like Louis CK or Jim Gaffigan. If you’re only getting your jokes from them, you’re severely missing out.

I know what you’re thinking, “Chris, I don’t have time or energy to hunt down Twitter’s rising stars of comedy. I simply wouldn’t know where to start!” Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to give you that starting point you so desperately need.

The following is a list of 10 funny people with Twitter accounts, who use them, and are followed by less than 10,000 people (most of the people on this list are followed by far less than that. Shame on you, just about everyone in the world!)

Basically what I’m saying is, follow them right f**king now!


Often the funniest under-appreciated people on Twitter are bloggers, I think it’s because their funniest material gets lost in between blog posts. For a rare few, the blog posts are just as funny as the tweet-jokes. Ashley Burns, a writer on the Uproxx network, has that gift.

Sample Tweets:



She might work for HBO, but until she’s  writing dialogue for Judd Apatow, Krista Doyle is being misused. Whenever I’m arguing that women can be just as funny as men, I cite Miss Doyle. Last week I literally read her tweets aloud to a hysterical Damian.

Think Tina Fey, only not famous.

Sample Tweets:



Back in 2009 we threw ourselves a fake awards show, and Casey Jost was the host. He managed to kill with our shitty material, which says a lot. Since then, he’s written for two major television series (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Impractical Jokers) and currently hosts a monthly one man show “Fooling Around with Casey Jost” which has attracted he likes of Janeane Garofalo and Jim Gaffigan as guests.

Casey is easily one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, and the world is starting to notice. Just ask Entertainment Weekly.

Sample Tweets:



Casey’s former improv partner Tim Duffy is no slouch himself. I mean, he might slouch, but it’s hard to tell using Twitter. Anyway, there are few people whose tweets make me laugh out loud consistently , but Tim is one of them.

Sample Tweets:



HelloGiggles writers are some of the internet’s funniest people. Corinne is one of my favorites out of that very talented pool. Her sense of humor is both self deprecating and laced with confidence, which go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Sample Tweets:



If you’re following us on Twitter, you’ve seen this man’s face in your feed. If the rest of you regularly tweeted hysterical shit about food, sex, and booze, maybe you’d be on this list too.

Sample Tweets:



This Boston born NYC comedian is one of the wittiest people on my timeline. If you like a good smart pun, Josh Gondleman has got you covered.

Sample Tweets:



I only discovered Ryan Patricks recently, but since then I’ve been hooked. Ryan sees the world differently from most people, when he shares that viewpoint on Twitter, we all win big.

Sample Tweets:



As a writer at Mashable, Christine Erickson falls into a similar category as Mayor Burnsy. Her funniest tweets are sandwiched between blog posts containing internet gold. She’s also a master of the Twitter hashtag game, you guys can try to play with her, but she’s out of your league.

Sample Tweets:


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