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12 Famous Movies Scenes Enhanced by Rage Comics

For those of you who have been around the block a few times, this is going to need little description, but for everyone else take a knee.

Rage Comics are a series of memes created by the internet and used to add a universally understood tag to a panel in crudely drawn comics. Think of them like a Commedia dell’arte for the web.

As these images began to rise in popularity, their use was extended to becoming the actual substance of the comics. Imagine eating a delicious chicken thigh slathered in barbecue sauce. Now imagine eating a bowl of Barbecue sauce. It’s just like that.

Well, here at DAPS we have little to no problem co-opting borderline meaningful cultural phenomena, smashing them together shamelessly and presenting them to you under the guise of “original content.” We decided that the understanding of popular (populist?) cinema could be broadened by utilizing these Rage Comics characters, placing them in iconic roles and helping to completely hate-fuck all of the subtlety you may have found in the source material.

Above, we see one of the more recognized scenes from the blockbuster Titanic. We decided to show the pairs true feelings during the moment. Rose, portrayed as Derpina, is your typical clueless woman who knows nothing about what she wants. Jack, shown here as Dat Ass, simply admires Rose’s beauty, sophistication, and charm. He wants to hit that.

Here we see the unnamed narrator of Fight Club (Jack as well?) being held against the motherly bitch tits of Robert Paulson. “Jack”, during this point of the film, is suffering from a general malaise, accepting his place in the world with a downtrodden “okay” which is why we chose to portray him using the Okay guy.

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