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Well, well, well. The day has finally arrived. DAPS is finally up and running.

I for one am excited. The prospect of getting to blend ideas and clash styles with the likes of so many unique visionaries is quite exhilarating. The fact that someone can log on and get anything from a hilarious video about two gay whales to a selection of podcasts that are about anything and everything is enthralling to me.

This marks my first official post since the departure from my last site. Back then, I had gotten interviews with numerous comics and internet personalities such as Paul Scheer, Doug Benson, Tay Zonday (the Chocolate Rain guy), Matt Senreich (the creator of “Robot Chicken”), and Will Forte (surprisingly enough, no relation). But I had begun to wear myself out. I stopped posting on a frequent basis sometime around last November. Quite frankly, I had lost “It”.

“It” being that special something that keeps you going and pushes you to stride for better and better articles and interviews. I started to slowly abandon my humble little site. This was mostly due to the fact that my hits had just peaked into the high ten thousands. If I was going to quit, I wanted to end on a high note.

By Christmas, all seemed calm. The site had been put to rest and I was ready to move on with my life. But something just didn’t feel right. I quickly realized that I had just killed off my one outlet from which I could publicly vent my frustrations. By early January, I had scrapped the remainder of my pride and attempted to continue posting articles on my site as if nothing had ever happened. But it just didn’t feel the same. “It” was long gone. I needed something(or someone) to breath new life and spirit into me.

And that’s where the Dog and Pony Show came in. They were the only people willing to take a chance on a scruffy young lad who shared their vision of a site created for the sole reason of entertaining people like them with content created by them. This was my “It”.

I am now rejuvenated by the prospect of getting to write for a collective of people with whom I can pull more material from then I ever could on my own site.

I equate this day (in terms of me, personally) to Howard Stern moving from Terrestrial radio to satellite radio. I might not have as many people reading my work (right now) as I did on my other site. But just give me and DAPS some time and there is no doubt in my mind that we will soon find ourselves with more readers then we could ever hope or dream for. Readers from around the country, instead of just in and around New York City.

Godspeed, DAPS. Today we celebrate our launch, tomorrow we grab the world by the balls and show them how we do things.

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Vin Forte

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