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2012 Fall Movie Previews Based Solely on Their Posters

We here at DAPS are big movie fans, in fact we all met working at a local theater! My favorite perk was watching any movie we wanted for free. My second favorite perk was collecting all the movie posters I could. By amassing thousands of movie posters over my years of sweeping popcorn off of the theater floor, I’ve developed a keen sense of being able to explain the plot of any film based solely on its poster.

I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, we’ve done it before to great success. This time, instead of Oscar winners, I am going to take a stab at the 2012 Fall film releases.

17 Girls

Moar like “5 Fucking Cows” amirite?

Five teenaged girls agree to a “pregnancy pact” which stipulates that they must become pregnant with the school football team captain’s baby. After several serious (and not so serious!) attempts at wooing him, the girls decide to invite the underaged hunk to their sleepover, where he degrades and humiliates each one of them to their delight. After all 5 girls turn up “with child”, the pact races¬†into overtime when they need to race to an abortion clinic that can still legally operate in a Post-Romney America. The movie is set in 2020.

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