27 Apr 2012

Question Of The Day: Are The Star Wars and Star Trek Theme Songs Interchangeable?

Star Wars and Star Trek, who can tell the two apart? Right?! They’re just nerdy nerd things for nerds. I bet if you switched up the openings and theme songs, nobody would even be able to tell the difference. Stupid nerds are stupid, LOL!

23 Apr 2012

Stephen Hawking Already Proved That Time Travel is Impossible.

I know I know. What a total bummer. I was really hoping we’d all be able to Time Travel into the past and explore the mysteries of the universe.

20 Apr 2012

The Sexiest Power Rangers You Will See Today. Period.

If I could only propose to one of them, it’d be the red ranger. Which ranger would you boys wife up?

19 Apr 2012

Should You Always Wash Your Hands Before Leaving The Bathroom?

I rarely wash my hands after using the bathroom.

17 Apr 2012

Prince + Instagram = Princestagrams

Prince and Instagram, it’s a marriage made in heaven. Honestly, I’m surprised nobody’s done it yet. Alas, now it exists. Ya snooze, ya lose.

13 Apr 2012

Finally, A Solution For Mets Seasonal Affective Disorder.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty big Mets fan, and make sure that’s known on DAPS. You should also note that over the past five years, it’s been pretty crappy out there for a Met fan. That’s why the fine people at scraps have created an be-all-end-all solution.

04 Apr 2012

Have You Ever Seen Anyone Sign Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise?

Remember back in, what I like to call, the day, when Coolio was the coolest rapper with the craziest hair?