40 New York Mets Related Twitter Accounts That You NEED To Follow During The 2015 Playoff Run


Back in 2006, the last time that the New York Mets made MLB’s postseason, Twitter was about 2 months old. Baseball was different back then. You watched the game with whoever you were with, and that was about it. As Twitter grew, so did the number of sports fans who realized that they could follow games with hundreds of like-minded individuals, even if they were sitting in their living room alone. Writers and Media personalities realized that they could join in on discussions with their audience. Twitter and Major League Baseball were a match made in heaven.

Now in 2015, the New York Mets have advanced to the playoffs, and a huge community of fans has developed on Twitter. I’m sure that there are similar communities for fans of other teams, and even other sports, but we’re Mets fans here at DAPS. That being said, we thought it would be fun to create a list of Twitter accounts, that Mets fans, like ourselves, absolutely need to be following during the 2015 playoff run.

But before we get to that, DAPS’ sports expert/MLB news breaker, Joe Bisceglie, will catch everyone up to speed on the Mets’ 2015 campaign:

If the Mets season was a roller coaster, it would have come with a stern warning that those that are pregnant or have a history of heart problems should not attempt this ride. The eleven game winning streak in April followed by months of mediocrity and Triple-A lineups, the successful promotions of Conforto, Matz, and Thor followed by the trade deadline insanity, Carlos Gomez was a Met and then he wasn’t. Wilmer Flores was crying in the field and then he was hitting a walk off. Yoenis Cespedes came to town and set the world on fire just in time to sweep the Nationals and take an NL East lead that would never be relinquished.

There was even a slight September swoon that included losses to the Marlins that gave Met fans mini panic flashbacks and lazy sports personalities an easy hook for bullshit columns for a few days. We also had the return of the captain, David Wright, with a home run in his first at bat and the Harvey innings limit saga which sucked the fun out of the air for a few days. But now the Nationals are dead and buried in a grave of their own dysfunction and the magic number stands at zero. Mets fans who are currently in the 2nd grade will see the team in the playoffs for the first time in their young lives.

So, now the team’s faithful fan-base anxiously await’s the start of Friday night’s NLDS against the Dodgers in Los Angeles. God, the Mets are in the playoffs. What could be better? I’ll tell you what. The Mets being in the playoffs, and you watching the game with a murderer’s row of Twitter accounts. To be clear, all fans are great and no fans are better than anyone else. Everyone who loves our favorite team is 100% A+ in our book. What we’re doing here is curating some of the great content makers, researchers, and online presences we think you should know about.

That’s what you’re really here for, so without further ado here they are…

40 Mets Related Twitter Accounts To Follow During The 2015 Playoff Run

*For the purposes of this list, we’re assuming you already follow the official accounts (@Mets, @SNYtv, etc.), Mets-related Websites (@RisingAppleBlog, @Metstradamus, etc.), current players (@cgrand3, @ynscspds, etc.), and former players (@mikepiazza31, @DocGooden16, etc.) Don’t worry, they’re on our master twitter list


01. @MarcCarig

You should follow Marc Carig because everyone seems to think so. As Darren Meenan put it, Marc is a “beat guy who isn’t boring.”  We wholeheartedly agree.


02. @matthewcerrone

You should follow Matthew Cerrone because, let’s face it, he’s the “blogfather” and his website Metsblog is basically *the* source for Mets news and information for the past decade or so.


03. @The7Line/@DarrenJMeenan

You should follow The7Line (and it’s founder, Darren Meenan) because no one Mets fan has done more to unite the fan-base and bring excitement to the team, we’re going to say, in it’s entire history. BTW, they’re planning a pretty sweet playoff party.


04. @GrafixJoker

You should follow Joe Maracic because he’s a talented artist that’s been using his powers to bring joy to Mets fans all season. Check out his complete team graphic grafix below.


05. @CespedesBBQ

You should follow Cespedes Family BBQ, which is somehow simultaneously both smarter and funnier than most other baseball Twitter feeds. These guys tweet a lot of different baseball related content but their primary love is everything Yoenis which means their tweets now focus on the Mets and their exploits since Yoenis joined the team.


06. @themainemets

You should follow Mets Merized Online writer, Michael Mayer for the spot on commentary, interesting stats, always relevant and interesting retweets. 


07. @Lets86it

You should follow Julie aka Lets86it (see what she did there?) who posts original mets videos and graphics on the regular. Make sure to follow her on Instagram as well.


08. @Jacob_Resnick

You should follow Jacob, because his tweets pack more interesting insights and information that most of the Mets beat writers. 


09. @RageWynn

You should follow Mets Fan, RageWynn, because her tweets are smart, hilarious, and nail what it’s like to be one of the flushing faithful.


10. @Jquadddddd

You should follow Julia because she lives every day like David Wright, is a master of the fan-made poster, and shares the funniest Mets posts daily.


11. @AntDeRosa

You should follow Hot Foot writer/The Daily Show production manager, Athony De Rosa, because he’s one of the smarter Mets fans out there, plus his non baseball news coverage is really great too.


12. @jonahkeri

We would be remiss if we didn’t recommend following at least one non Mets-centric account so we are recommending following Jonah Keri of Grantland. Keri is perhaps pound for pound the best baseball writer on the planet right now. He is also a man without a team ever since his beloved Montreal Expos moved to Washington. Keri has remarked many times how great it is to see teams with long suffering fan bases reach the post season this year and the further the Mets advance in the playoffs, the more his Twitter feed will feature thoughts on them (at least until the Montreal Canadians start up again.) 


13. @AVSNY

You should follow SNY Editorial Producer Andrew Vazzano, because he shares the perfect mix of great content and snarky humor. Below is an example of the former.


14. @CitiFieldHR

You should follow CitiField Home Run if because it’s an account that share hyper-specific details about Home Runs hit at Citi Field, and who doesn’t dig getting really technical about the long ball?


15. @JasonCFry

You should follow Jason Fry, of the blog; Faith and Fear in Flushing because the blog is the perfect mix of Mets history, humor and unbridled joy at the insanity that is Mets success. His tweets are a lot of the same with the added bonus of occasional Star Wars musings.


16. @MichelleScalia

You should follow Michelle because she’s one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans out there. She also somehow managed to end up in every promo created by MLB, The Mets, and ESPN this year.  


17. @PeteyMacWOR

You should follow WOR’s Pete McCarthy, host of Sports Zone and Mets on Deck because he’s got the inside scoop on everything New York Mets. Want proof that he’s interesting? On a recent show he interviewed Pat Sajack and Tyler Clippard.


18. @djshort

You should follow Rotoworld/Hardball Talk writer, DJ Short, because his tweets are smart and funny, but unlike many on this list, have a Fantasy baseball edge. Not that it matter for the postseason.


19. @MartinoNYDN

You should follow Daily News Senior Writer/SNY Mets Insider Andy Martino, because he’s always on top of the latest breaking news. Shares honest opinion and tells it like it is. We chose the tweet below because it’s bound to make many Mets fans reading this happy.


20. @AnthonyDiComo

You should follow Anthony DiComo, Mets beat writer for, because his posts are often unique looks at a team that many people cover like they copied someone else’s homework.


21. @whutyearisit

You should follow Stephanie (aka whutyearisit), because she’s far and away one of the most entertaining mets fans that I’ve had the privilege of following on Twitter. She does it with her heart on her sleeve, with a pinch of sarcasm, regular pop-culture references, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.


22. @KFCBarstool

You should follow KFC, a Barstool Sports blogger and the host of KFC radio, who’ll provide you with great in-game tweets, by great we mean really, really funny.


23. @tpgmets

You should follow Chris, creator of TPG Mets, especially if you’re also a Roster analysis & transactions junkie. Plus, just look at this example tweet. You followed already, didn’t you?


24. @AdamRubinESPN

You should follow ESPN NY’s Mets beat writer, because as it turns out, he wasn’t angling for a front office job after all. Also, because he’s one of the fastest beat writers to get news out there.


25. @MetsUmp

You should follow Mets Strike Zone, which tells you without a doubt, whether or not the call that Angel Hernandez blew was in the Mets favor or against it.


26. @JaredDiamond

You should follow Wall Street Journal’s Mets beat writer Jared Diamond, because you probably didn’t know that the Wall Street Journal had a sports section. Also for interesting tweets like this one…


27. @RobertBrender

You should follow SNY reporter/Sirius XM sports update dude Robert Brender, who shares a lot of cool stuff that many Mets writers didn’t think to post:


28. @FreeBald

You should follow Jeff Lackinghair because he’s a funny mofo. No matter what kind of curve ball the game throws at him, Jeff’s razor sharp wit hits it out of the park.


29. @Greg_Prince

You should follow Greg Prince, the other half of Fear and Faith in flushing, because he shares a ton of interesting stuff, and also because of this That Thing You Do reference:


30. @TheRealRieber

You should follow Anthony Rieber of Newsday sports, because he’s not afraid to throw shade at dudes who just threw no-hitters…


31. @LauraBelle44

You should follow Laura, because no matter what the score is, no matter how big the comeback will have to be, she’s the sunshine amidst the clouds of MetsTwitter.


32. @JimBreuer

You should follow SNL alum, comedian Jim Breuer, because he’s cemented his place in Mets history with his memorable recap videos after games in 2015. Glad to have goat boy on board.  


33. @John_Saponaro

You should follow comedian John Saponaro, because he’s been trying to make #MetsOnFleek a thing since April. He also stumped me once on a trivia question about Sid Finch. I’m still embarrassed about it…


34. @OGTedBerg

You should follow USA Today sports writer, Ted Berg, because nobody else told you about Delta’s Mets plane. Yes, it’s Delta. But that’s not Ted’s fault.


35. @WhiskeyDickens

You should follow Chris, a whiskey swilling NYC transplant in Orlando, Mets Fan, and funny dude. He’s a long time friend of DAPS, and he’s going to make you laugh.


36. @BrianPMangan

You should follow Brian, who’s a contributor to pretty much any great mets blog that you might read. He’s also funny, gives great stat, and llamas. Seriously though, you could probably just follow him and get what you need through the game.


37. @jeffpaternostro

You should follow Amazin Avenue writer, Jeffrey Paternostro, because dollar for dollar, he shares more Bartolo Colon photos than anyone else on Twitter. Also, he’s great at Twitter, but still. Bartolo photos until the cows come home…


38. @kevinburkhardt

You should follow Kevin because he’ll be covering some Mets baseball on the regular for the first time since he left SNY last year.

Lastly you should follow us DAPS guys, Joe explains:

39.  @chrisDAPS

You should follow Chris for his unbridled optimism when it comes to the Mets of New York. The Dodgers could be up 9-0 with Kershaw working on a no hitter in the ninth and Chris would point out that they are only 9 singles and a home run away from taking the lead.


40. @joebisceglie

You should follow Joe for the same reason you watch a train wreck, because it can be fun to watch an adult completely melt down and lose their mind in real time on Twitter over the results of a baseball game. Plus he needs character witnesses when Terry Collins drives him to the brink of homicide.


41. @MrMet

I know we said 40 accounts, but Tom Seaver was number 41, and how can we leave off Mr. Met? I mean, he probably can’t ~really~ tweet with those big fingers, but still.

Well that’s it! Honestly, that’s probably too many. Hopefully you found a few new friends to follow here. We’d like to give a special thanks to Matthew Cerrone of Metsblog, Darren Meenan of The7Line, Anthony De Rosa of Hot Foot Blog, and Andrew Palladino of Everything Ever for helping us compile this list.

If you’ve got more suggestions, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

PS. Joe wants to make sure you know about the WeFollowLucasDuda Instagram account, btw. I agree.

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