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The Shark Tank Cast on Real Shark Bodies, Yeah IDK…

I’m going to start this by pointing out that what you’re about to read/look at might be the stupidest thing I’ve done for DAPS in a while. We sat around thinking about “Shark Week” content because the internet loves that shit. Once the ideas started to fly like bullets in an old John Woo movie, all I could think about was the ABC show, Shark Tank.

So I blurted out, “Shark Tank!”, and that’s what ended up in our schedule for the today. Just, Shark Tank photoshops. No real inspiration, just a concept. Shark Week and Shark Tank have the word “Shark” in common.

I. AM. BRILLIANT (<– this is where a sarcasm font would come in useful)

Anyway, so I sat down to do my photoshops and realized how dumb of an idea this really was. I mean, am I going to replace the sharks with the Shark Tank cast? Was I going to have sharks judging newbie entrepreneurs? Well, that sounds like a pretty great idea until you google image search “Shark Tank

So, I ended up putting the Shark Tank people’s faces on sharks.

It’s really stupid, but I did it anyway. Plus, if you guys read this far, you’ve already given me your sweet-sweet ad-impressions, so you might as well look at them, then click on something else on DAPS that interests you. There’s better content on this site, especially as of late. I promise.

So without further ado, here’s DAPS’ “Shark Tank Photoshops”

This is Robert Herjavec, as a shark. He owns a private island, now we all know why.

This is Barbara Corcoran as a shark. Look at those pearly white chompers.

Now, Kevin O’Leary who actually kinda resembles a shark IRL. I’d be really scared if I saw this dude swimming around in the ocean, what with the human head and all.

FUBU founder Daymond John actually looks somewhat please to be a shark. I’d imagine his shark personality to be similar to Dory from Finding Nemo.

Finally Mark Cuban, who’s the only one of the Shark Tank hosts who I could find yelling (looking like he’s a shark about to eat a seal)

Aw, you made it all the way to the end. Thanks reader. I love you too.


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