7 Leftover Thoughts On The Possible Braun, Rodriguez, Cano, and Granderson PED Suspensions

Here at Dog and Pony Show we set a small piece of the internet on fire the last two days. I tweeted something from some one I trusted, Chris wrote about it then I wrote about it, then a bunch of blogs picked it up, Jason McIntyre called me “a cat blogger” and so many people called into WFAN they forced Boomer and Carton and Mike Francesca to acknowledge it. The whole thing was admittedly overwhelming but here we are. Here’s a few leftover points from a crazy last few days.

This is what he meant right?

This is what he meant right?

Probably the most common discussion I’ve had centered around the question “how did this happen?” I’m not quite sure of the answer. The sheer enormity of the names combined with the existing suspicion surrounding those players crossed with the weird validity a prior tweet gave us and topped with the pure insanity of the internet itself resulted in a perfect storm of sorts.

2. Most of the feedback has been positive and those of you who get our point are awesome. Our point of  course being that we are just letting everyone know of something we heard and here is why you might be inclined to believe us. We don’t really care if you don’t.  I would include a suggestion that people don’t need to be so incensed by what we say but it is the internet and unfortunately a large amount of people think the internet was made for them to turn into a semi-anonymous hate monster. Kudos to those people for failing at life.

3. The most common form of anger directed at us is from Yankee fans who claim that Chris and I are just bitter Met fans making shit up because we are jealous of their 400 World Series titles or some other nonsense. Congrats to these people for adhering to every negative stereotype about America’s most hated fan base.

4. Angry Yankee fans barely eclipse upset Ryan Braun fan boys. I’m waiting for a video to circulate of some dude holding a Brat, wearing a cheese head and crying into his web cam for everyone to just “Leave Ryan alone.”

Leave Brittney, I mean Ryan alone!

Leave Brittney, I mean Ryan alone!

5. Heck lets address all trolls in general. Skip tweeting mean, offensive or down right nasty shit to us. We aren’t going to reply. You won’t get the satisfaction of bragging to your friends how you got that “cat blogger” to tell you to fuck off.

6. I think I have to address the “guy who blogs about cats” quip. That was really funny albeit misleading since I’m the only one at DAPS who doesn’t post cat videos but I can understand how my last post led to the confusion. Kudos to McIntyre for that.

7. Actually, McIntyre made one of the best points about this whole thing in his article;

“something else will happen in sports – a buzzer shot in college hoops, the Lakers beat the Thunder, whatever – and it’ll quickly be forgotten.”

We at DAPS won’t get instant gratification on this and people will slowly forget all about it. The more time that passes the more people will declare us losers and frauds and claim victory for the Ryan Braun fan club.

A bonus thought:

If weeks from now we are proven right, well nothing will change. People who care too much about sports (a group I consider myself a part of) will overreact. Writers will pen sanctimonious columns imploring us to think of the children and punish the bad men who hurt us. Then we will move on to the next biggest thing ever and I will be back to bribing my audience with pictures of attractive women as incentive to read my stuff.

This is more our speed

This is more our speed

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