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8 Photos of Mars that NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

A few weeks back history was made when NASA’s Curiosity Rover landed safely on Mars and started performing various tests about the Red Planet.

One of the most popular features of the rover is that it takes high-res photos of Mars, allowing humans to see the planet up close for the first time, or so we thought.

In typical NASA fashion, there has been a gigantic cover up. It turns out that they’ve even gone as far as doctoring photos the “Mars Science Laboratory” has taken. We here at DAPS have obtained the exclusive un-retouched photos of Mars and are proud to show you, the American, no, the World’s people what has been taking place on Mars.

As it turns out, man has been to Mars, and he’s left his mark. Here we can see some street art left behind by popular Post-Modern graffiti artist Hanksy. This raises many questions about science, culture, and more but I think it’s best we move on with the knowledge that mars isn’t as lifeless as we would have thought.

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