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8 Television Shows That Danny DeVito Could Make More Awesome

Back in 2006, FX added a recognizable star to it’s promising, yet badly reviewed comedy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. When Danny DeVito was added to the mix, the show’s popularity increased dramatically.

With the recent announcement that DeVito is getting a divorce from Rhea Pearlman, we here at the DAPS office realize that he’s going to need to step up his work flow in order to make those monthly alimony checks.

Because he was able to add so much to a show that seemed destined for cancellation, we thought that he could probably bring that same magic to some other shows in need of a lift.

Here are our recommendations:

Modern Family

Yeah, Modern Family won all of those Emmy awards last month, but I think we can all agree that the show has already peaked and is heading down the back side of the mountain. Producers could easily inject life with a new charter.

DeVito would be the perfect addition to this cast, which is in desperate need of a little abrasiveness. I’d imagine that Danny could easily be sold as Jay Pritchett’s (Ed O’Neill) rough around the edges brother/cousin/etc.

Just imagine the hilarious back and forth. Gold, Jerry, gold.

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