Teachers from Staten Island’s New Dorp high school do their best Taylor Swift in this “Shake it off” parody.

Since his 2001 inclusion on the Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack, Afroman has learned how to make ‘getting high’ work for him. 

POZ Showcase: Everything Ever


Everything Ever is really all you could want from an up & coming pop-punk band: raw energy, a progressive sound, and the “wow, I really want to have a beer or two or five with these guys” type vibe. This trio is making moves, including a brand new signing with Secret Audio Club, being featured in Paper + Plastick’s digital download subscription service, and opening up for The Moms on their first full US tour. The song streaming below might be titled “Doing Nothing,” but Everything Ever is doing…well, everything. Be sure to catch them on the road later this month on the Buy American tour.

For Fans Of: NOFX, Green Day [old school], Alkaline Trio
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by Ashley Aron

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
Zach Sandel plays drums, John Trotta plays bass and sings, and I sing and play guitar. My name is Andrew Paladino but people that aren’t my mom call me dNo.
What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
Trotta and I are from Staten Island, NY and Zach is from Bergen County, NJ. Suburbs of NYC basically.

How did the band come together? How long has it been?
Trotta and I have been in a band together since 7th grade, which was in 2003. We went through a bunch of name, member, and style changes until we started playing with Zach in 2011. That’s around the time when we officially became Everything Ever. We’re new and old.

How have you grown since you started?
We’ve grown physically. Trotta and I started playing together in 7th grade, so we must have grown at least a few inches since then, and obviously put on some weight. But to answer the question seriously, we have grown in gradually learning what our strengths and weaknesses are. We also trust each other and come to know each other better and better every day, both musically and personally. And athletically. 
What sets you apart from other bands?
We legitimately don’t know what genre we are.
What’s the best part about being in your band?
Being able to say “This is my life’s work, judge me by this” and to be proud of it. You especially come to value that when you’re on unemployment and have no other life besides the band.  

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Everything Ever on Property of Zack, pretty rad.


Ballin’ Oates: Hall and Oates vs. Wu Tang Clan. 

Free to download? Yes please.

Do this alien invasion prank to your friends!

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Teaser of my interview (en Español) with the Pizza Beer Revolution Podcast at the Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others premiere.

Flam da gawd. 

Click the link above to listen to the Pizza Beer Revolution podcast that was recorded at Saturday’s Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others premiere.

Geoff Celis, Casey Jost, Tim Duffy, Kevin Devlin, and Michaelangelo Muniz were in the building and got chatty about their new film. We bet there’s a ton more content from the PBR guys, as they were recording for quite a while on Saturday night. I’d stay tuned to their feed to keep updated about future casts. 

Check out the film’s website, here.

Adorable Puppies or Juggalos?

Adorable Puppies or Juggalos?


Comparing Jayson Werth to Happy Gilmore’s caddy is just one of the intelligent baseball points I made in this conversation about the 2014 MLB Playoffs with Inside Sport Center’s Joe Bisceglie. 


Comparing Jayson Werth to Happy Gilmore’s caddy is just one of the intelligent baseball points I made in this conversation about the 2014 MLB Playoffs with Inside Sport Center’s Joe Bisceglie. 

Here’s video of a Cowboy deep frying blue jeans. ENJOY!

Reblogging for John Mulaney fans. 

Reblogging for John Mulaney fans. 

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Bo Burnham’s Repeat Stuff video is so good #ILLUMINATI #CHEMTRAILS #666 

Say It Aint Kanye vs Submarine Warfare

DAPS’ Alum Damian Thomas, recently put together this neat little clip of Submarine Warfare set to a Kanye West/Weezer soundtrack. It’s all the art you need for your afternoon. 

BTW, you should check out Damian’s new Tumblr blog, The Jump Cut Gazette


Bad Robot & DC’s social media war has given us our first (new) look at the Millennium Falcon 

It’s going to be incredibly disappointing if this movie is bad.