17 Jul 2012

Famous Star Wars Scenes Redone With Cats.

Why are we doing this? Hasn’t Star Wars been analyzed/beaten to death? Yes but we here at DAPS haven’t seen the internets favorite mammals, cats, photoshopped into famous Star Wars scenes. Plus, it just makes us laugh and laugh.

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07 Feb 2012

Carlo’s Cute and Cuddly Critters: Felis Nigripes are the Smallest Cats in the World

More commonly known as the Black Footed Cat, these disgustingly cute felines are indigenous to southern Africa.

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15 Aug 2011

Look at 10 Cats with Mustaches

Ever have an idea so crazy that when it occurred you shouted it out loud? When you actually hear a “pop” in your head as if it light bulb broke and you had to spring into action? This is one of those ideas.

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03 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Game of Thones As Bob’s Burgers, Age of Ultron’s Gag Reel, A Taco Made of Chicken, & More

Click the link for the cats, stay for the pop-culture stuff that you care about more than you care about your family!

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02 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Ecto-Cooler Beer, Angry Birds Movie Pics, Saving Ribs From The Fire, & More!

Yesterday’s links were lost in the summer of 2015, luckily there are new links today. Thank the lord for links.

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Cat Vortex by Carlo Montagnino
28 Aug 2015

DAPS Links: An Animated Cat Vortex, Stock Footage Baboons, The Portland Pooper, & More

Today’s links are brought to you by Carlo Montagnino’s Cat Vortex.

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08 Apr 2013

An interview with funny lady, Randi Lawson

The very funny Randi Lawson discusses comedy, sponge baths, and Q-Tips

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06 Mar 2013

7 Leftover Thoughts On The Possible Braun, Rodriguez, Cano, and Granderson PED Suspensions

Here at Dog and Pony Show we set a small piece of the internet on fire the last two days. Lets discuss that…

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05 Mar 2013

More Info About The Rumored Suspensions of MLB Stars Cano, Rodriguez, Granderson, and Braun.

WTF Just Happened? Did DAPS Break a Sports Story?

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31 Oct 2012

Cute and Cuddly Critters: Halloween Panda Kitty


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