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A Fart Retrospecticus, Which Sandler Movie Looks More Terrible? AND Sexy Adult Film Actress Teagan Presley.

If you escape Irene you’d be in Paris getting fucked up too.

The Military Has Banned Farts: A Fart Retrospecticus – What’s next banning playboy magazine??? Oh wait…

Which Sandler Movie Looks More Terrible? – Can Adam Sandler just make movies like Billy Madison again? Plz.

FilmDrunk Investigates: What does “If it shortdicks every cannibal in the Congo” from Full Metal Jacket mean? – I love that they’re analyzing one obscure line from Full Metal Jacket. I recently just re-watched the movie and I cannot believe any character responds to Joker seriously. He’s waaaaay too sarcastic.

What The F**k Happened?! – Seriously. Why does everything start out awesome than ends up not-awesome?

30 Amazing Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraphs – AKA 30 Stanley Kubrick animated gifs for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, There IS a Bill Murray Comic Book – LOVE THIS!

Eleven Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From Summer Movie Season – 11? No they need to learn just 1. DON’T MAKE REMAKES!!

Classic Video Games Reimagined With Criterion Collection Box Art – FINALLY! But seriously this is pretty sweet.

1944 The Liberation of Paris in Color! – Why? Because we have to learn from history or we’ll be forced to repeat it!!

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