Welcome to DAPS!

Founded in 2007 as a humor section in a Staten Island college newspaper, DAPS evolved into being an online magazine and later a content blog which amassed millions of page views from all over the goddamn world. In the fall of 2013, shortly after our 5th anniversary on the interwebs, the site disappeared, and many feared that it would never be heard from again.

Earlier this year, while going through some old hard drives, we found the site. It was on a hard drive labeled “This is the site, don’t lose it, idiots!” So, we dusted it off, plugged it in, and then did a little work to make it mobile friendly. Apparently people look at the internet on their phones in 2015? The future is weird.

Anyway, in conclusion, here’s some bragging that we had on our old “about” page, to show you just how cool we used to be:

Our inter-stuff has been featured on some of your favorite sites already, you probably just haven’t heard of us yet. BuzzFeedTime, MTV, Nerdist, Huffington Post, MSNBC, EW, Wired, Tosh.0,  Mic, Team Coco, Neatorama, Laughing Squid, Funny or Die, Vulture, Inquisitr, Gothamist, Mashable, The Village Voice, FoodbeastThe Daily What, Best Week Ever.tv,  SplitsiderUPROXX, Cinema Blend, URLesqueIamBored.com, Filmdrunk, Heroic HollywoodHoly Taco, I Can Haz Cheezburger, Jest.com, Tumblr’s #LOL editors, and Know Your Meme have all shown us *love.

*links, press coverage, write-ups, sharing our videos, etc. You get the point

If you don’t recognize some of these things, ask your parents, they’ll let out a nostalgic sigh and begin to tell you tales of how DAPS made them the people they are today.

Oh, and yes…. we *did* once break a major sports story for some reason. We were as surprised as you were.

DAPS’ current hosting sponsor is NB Technologies, a Staten Island based internet marketing, hosting, and website design company based in Staten Island, New York.

Below is a short video featuring highlights from our 2008-2013 run: