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Hoku – Another Dumb Blonde

In the year 2000, we saw an influx of teen-pop artists looking to cash in on the success of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, and The Backstreet Boys. One of those teen-pop artists, Hoku, was featured on the soundtrack to the hit(?) film Snow Day. Ok, maybe Snow Day wasn’t a hit, but it was the first time many of us were introduced to Emmanuelle Chriqui (best known as Entourage‘s Sloane) and that has to count for something. But I digress… The Hoku track featured in the film was “Another Dumb Blonde,” a declaration that she wasn’t simply another blonde teen-pop act like Britney or Christina.

That was at least partially true, because as it turns out, Hoku is actually the daughter of 60s music icon Don Ho.

Yes, *that* Don Ho.

Unfortunately for Hoku, that wasn’t enough of a distinction and America didn’t seem to agree with the whole “not just another” sentiment. After “Another Dumb Blonde” the singer only saw minor success with one other single (albeit a pretty catchy one.) So now we can only imagine what could have been for the Ho scion who married her manager against her father’s wishes.

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