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An interview with funny lady, Randi Lawson


The very funny Randi Lawson, is a graphic designer in Philadelphia. The creative art director is one of the many minds behind the clever tee shirts, games, and other cool stuff found at Spencers and Urban Outfitters. When she’s not making fun products, she’s tweeting amusing jokes on Twitter.

In the fun interview that follows, Randi discusses her comedy interests, One Direction, and sexy numbers.

How Long have you been interested in comedy?

As long as I can remember to be honest. I think it started with The Muppet Show. I’ve been in love with/addicted to TV my whole life, sitcoms and sketch shows particularly. In college, waaay before YouTube (back in the 90’s) I wrote for and was a regular on two popular closed-circuit TV shows at American University. One was a comedy news program, like The Daily Show and the other was a sketch show. I had such a blast on both, but decided to put my efforts into graphic design when I graduated… so here I am.

Who are some of your favorite comedians?  Do you have one person who guides you (comedy wise) the most?

Wow, that is like asking me to choose my favorite Culkin brother! I must say that Doug Benson is my all-time favorite and biggest influence. He always has his finger on the pulse of pop culture, is very clever, yet not afraid to be straight-up silly at the same time. I’m not really a huge fan of self-deprecating/mean-spirited comedy (or mean-spirited anything for that matter) and Doug’s insane wit has a light-hearted kindness that I really appreciate. I started compiling a list of some of my other favorites, but it was single spaced, 5 point Helvetica Condensed and still 30 pages long. So I got frustrated and threw my computer out the window. Now I have a new Mac and a fresh lawsuit. So, yeah… too many to list.

Would you say Twitter is a big comedic platform for yourself?

Twitter is a big comedic platform for me as far as my own identity goes. I’ve designed a ton of funny stuff. But none of that says “Randi Lawson”. People just buy a t-shirt at Spencer’s they think is hilarious, but I bet none of them know who came up with the joke, ya know? Zach Galifianakis wore a tee I designed in The Hangover (a career high for me). But it’s not as if I get my name in the credits or that Zach has any idea. It’s not that I want credit exactly, it’s just that on Twitter I feel like I am truly representing myself and I don’t have to worry about the sense of humor/taste level of a buyer or customer. I can just put it out there into the world as me and I love that freedom.

If you were an elderly lady living in a  retirement home, who would you rather have give you a sponge bath…The One Direction guys or Justin Bieber?

Yeeesh. I would have to go with the 1D guys cause accents are a turn-on and the more hands the better for a sponge bath I suppose. Plus I find JB very off-putting. Can I have Fred Savage or Jason Schwartzman bathe me? Pretty please with local, organic, gluten-free, steel-cut, sustainable sugar on top? Also, FYI – I plan on still being a hot piece when I’m elderly. Good diet and exercise are key, plus they will have perfected plastic surgery by then.

Is there anywhere specific you hope your comedy might take you?

Of course! There are so many directions I would love to go. I honestly feel like I have taken my design/comedy career pretty far and would like to dip my toes in some writing, podcasting and stand-up. I have done some local open mics with a decent reception, but I feel like I am still finding my voice as far as live performance goes. As for writing and podcasting, I have some pretty sweet potential opportunities on the horizon, but for now I am keeping them close to my breasts. I promise to fill you in if/when they come to fruition.

Q-Tips are mad dangerous. Do you have any ear cleaning tips?

I will NOT talk shit on Q-Tips. I have two hairless cats full of disgusting ear wax. If it wasn’t for Q-tips those bald pussies would be very crusty. Sorry.

Many people would agree that 69 is a fairly sexy number. What number is the sexiest of all?

Actually, I tweeted a joke about 69 that was completely honest…”I am a terrible multitasker. That’s why I don’t like to cook or 69.” So, I’ve never found that number so sexy. I hope 33 is sexy, cause I will be 33 this summer.

Would you do anything drastic to obtain a Klondike bar?

Blow that bear, I guess.

Manhole is an oddly named word for a sewer cover. What words do you find silly, ridiculous, or just poorly named?

Grape Nuts and Lady Fingers

Name some creative uses for a sock.

Tube Top for a cat, Tube Top for a ferret, Tube Top for Rachel Zoe
JK! I love Rachel Zoe.

Thanks Girl!

Be sure to follow @RandiLawson on Twitter for more of her adult humor.
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