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An Interview with ‘Impractical Jokers’ writer, Casey Jost

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Casey Jost is one of the the brilliant writers for TruTV’s Impractical Jokers. The friendly UCB performer is a constant crowd pleaser. Casey’s energetic humor is showcased as the host of Fooling around with Casey Jost, performed at the PIT in NYC. The talents of “Big German Casey” are not limited to his comedy and writing. He is also a fantastic musician and singer, as front-man for his band Les Vinyl. The Staten Island native has an assortment of humor videos all over Youtube.


Pizza Toppings Final:

In the interview below, Casey talks about the Impractical Jokers writing process, Les Vinyls next album, and heroin syringe pencils.


What three objects best describe your personality?

I’ll try to be honest:

A spoon – like a great spoon. A really charming and handsome spoon.
A rake – like a really, really sensitive and caring rake. A rake that like, saves the environment.
A ladder – like a ladder that listened to an embarrassing amount of 311 in high school.


When did you realize you wanted to do comedy?

I think the two things that made me a comedian are 1) being a younger brother, and 2) being a stupid pudgy fat pre-teen piece of shit. I always want people to like me and everyone likes someone who can make them laugh. I remember figuring that out in elementary school and I remember thinking, “I like making my friends laugh. I want to be a ‘Chris Farley’!!!” I don’t think I knew what a “comedian” was yet.


How would you best describe your sense of humor?

I’ve been told I’m “energetic” and “positive,” and people have said I’m “likeable.” But my good friends know I’m “annoying,” “a bad listener,” and “racist”.


Who are some of your favorite comedians/actors/writers?

Grew up in the 90s, so I love Jim Carrey and, dare I say, Robin Williams‘s movies.

The “family movie” is My Blue Heaven (Steve Martin).
I have watched the Naked Gun movies a million times each.
Really, the people who have inspired me the most were just funny people I’ve known my whole life: my family, friends, and real life weirdos I’ve encountered.


What is the process like writing for TruTV’s Impractical Jokers? I imagine a lot of shenanigans, and dental floss.

It’s pure fun. Honestly, the 4 stars (Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto, James Murray, and Brian Quinn) are the biggest part of the process. They write or improvise almost all of the show. I think they like me because I can think like them. We’re from the same place, so we speak the same language. My favorite part is brainstorming the challenges or games. Our office is silly and definitely imperfect. Brian Quinn hates it but I think that adds to the flavor. I love when we sit around, think of an environment, and talk-out what we could do there. Basically, we all just blurt out words to make everyone in the room laugh and it there’s enough laughter, we keep that idea. Sounds crazy, but it’s somehow a real job that I get to have.


Les Vinyl is a fantastic band. When can LV fans expect another album?

Thank you for saying “fantastic”! Wow. New album, hmm, it’s hard to say. The next album is pretty much written. We have 10-11 new songs that we are still trying on. We just need to find the nooks and crannies of the songs, as a band. THEN, we’ll record it. We may try a whole new approach to the tracking/mixing process for this record. All that considered, I’m pretty confident “LV fans” can expect something in 2013.


As a child, what is the worst thing you have gotten in trouble for?

I’m infamous for getting away with shit. I’m abnormally lucky. BUT ONE TIME, in 4th grade, I was pretending that my mechanical pencil was a heroin syringe (classic bit.) Well, a classmate raised her hand, and told on me! After that happened, I started getting sent to the principal’s office a lot more. Oh, I also got in trouble once for murdering that classmate.


What is the top thing to do on your “bucket” list? (If you don’t have one, let’s pretend you do…. Or borrow someone else’s)

I saw a video of people jumping off the side of a boat onto this giant, floating, bounce-y castle thing. One person would lie on the far side, and when another person would jump off the boat onto the near side, it would propel the person really high into the air and they’d land in the water. It was a promotional video for some dumb HD camera. The people in the video looked like dicks, and the girls were hot. I wanna be that dick flying in the air on that bounce-y castle with those hot girls before I die! ß put that sentence on my gravestone.


Describe your spirit animal. (What does it smell like, where does it live… Does it shave?)

For some reason, I yell “Snakes!” all the time. I think it’s fun to do in public.
Snakes smell like heat and gross-mouth. I heard they can live in toilets.


What are 3 nicknames you kind of wish people called you?

“Castle Gray Skull” – because of all the gray hair I have.

“Big German Casey” – a real nickname my friend Pat Given tried to start.
“Piss” – Tough guy name! Who would ever wanna fuck with PISS?!!! Definitely not girls…


If you were to choose any inanimate object to be for a day, what would you choose and why?

Ummmmmmm, a mother fucking time machine!? Thank you!?

::explosion noise::

Thanks Castle Gray Skull!


This funny man can be found on Twitter @caseyjost and on YouTube.

Photo: David Giordano

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