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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 1: “It’s a Dog in a Skirt” [Guest: Chris Olivieri]


‘Any Time’ is a brand new podcast that I’ve recently started up where I interview people of various backgrounds and importance. It’s bi-weekly and the first episode premiered this past Wednesday on August 12th.

You can subscribe to it on iTunes and also come back here to these episode posts on DAPS for extra show content and links to videos and media mentioned in the episode.

This first episode I am joined by Chris Olivieri from Dog and Pony Show (this website) as we discuss the new Fantastic Four movie, Robot Dinosaurs, the Rise and Fall of Adam Sandler, Pound Puppies, and a special guest pops in to say hi. You can follow us on Twitter at @MightyVin and @ChrisDAPS, respectively.

Click the player below to listen and check the show notes below for extras. The next episode drops August 26th!


– Here is a great review of ‘Fantastic Four’ by Mike & Jay of Half in the Bag where they discuss how Josh Trank’s vision for the film might actually have been something interesting if it had been allowed to be fully-realized.

– The opening theme song for the podcast is “To Hell With You, Boss Fang” by Starship Amazing, which you can download for FREE here (it’s name your own price, so feel free to throw them a few bucks if you can. They’re really good)!

– I finally saw Dino-Riders and it’s just as insane as Chris had said it was. But don’t take MY word for it.

– Here’s an entire Pound Puppies episode about Bright Eyes.

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