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‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode Nine: “36 Whole Hours to Design a Game” [Guest: Howard Scott Warshaw]

My guest this episode has the greatest range of any video game developer in history. Howard Scott Warshaw worked for Atari in the early 80s and created what many consider one of the greatest games of it’s era in ‘Yar’s Revenge’ and also one of the worst in ‘E.T. The Video Game.’ In this episode we discuss how he got his start at Atari, the process of programming games at that time, the economics of making video games, authorship in early games, creating Yar’s Revenge, meeting and pitching a game to Steven Spielberg, the 5 week rush to develop E.T., the video game crash of 1983, the idea of a first product life cycle, the inner workings of and rise & fall of Atari in the 80s, life after Atari and new beginnings as the Silicon Valley Therapist, and more.

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  • Yar’s Revenge album

  • Here’s a little vintage hot stuff


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