Are You Prepared for the Halloween Asteroid? Well, Read This and GET Prepared!


This Halloween, it won’t just be local teenagers with shaving cream and toilet paper you’ll have to worry about. You might just have to prepare yourselves for an asteroid knocking on your door along with costumed kids.

According to Business Insider:

Although 310,000 miles away may not sound close, the giant space rock is zooming by only a little farther away than the moon is from the Earth — close enough to spot with an amateur telescope, says NASA. It’s also important to remember the 1,300-foot-wide asteroid, called 2015 TB145, is moving about 45 times faster than a speeding bullet.

While, in all likelyhood, this skyscraper-sized asteroid won’t be crashing down to Earth anytime soon, the chances of one doing so may be more likely than you think. Not to mention that NASA only spotted this astroid on October 10th.

According to NASA:

As of October 24, 2015:

  • we’ve discovered 13,271 [Near Earth Object]s
  • 877 of them are asteroids more than 1 kilometer (3,280 feet) wide
  • 1,637 of them are classified as potentially hazardous

Hachi machi! That’s quite a statistic. Also, if you are afraid of visualizations that articulate the probability of your demise by an asteroid, don’t CLICK THIS LINK.

But don’t worry, according to Business Insider:

Right now NASA is preparing to send a spacecraft to an asteroid, and the agency hopes to eventually tow one into orbit around the moon and send astronauts to explore it. Scientists are also working out ways to either redirect or destroy an asteroid if we ever find one that’s headed straight for Earth. The United Nations even has a special subcommittee dedicated to the task.

You know what that means…

[via Business Insider]

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