15 May 2013

Fourth Grade NYC Public School Student Makes Documentary About Gross School Lunches

The hot lunch program was hardly part of that. Apparently, pizza Friday and Chicken Sandwich Tuesday isn’t good enough for Zachary Maxwell, so he decided to make a documentary about how “yucky” his school lunch was.

13 May 2013

Instant Karma Teaches Young Aussie Punk to Not Smash Gallons of Milk in a Supermarket

I love a good old-fashioned humbling. Just when some dipshit thinks he’s riding high on the hog, the universe quickly comes around to remind them that their condition is exclusively dependent on their actions.

09 May 2013

Vegan Black Metal Chef – Green Been Awesomeness

Few things on the internet embody this wisdom as much as the Vegan Black Metal Chef. His first video featured a candle adorned kitchen and some costuming, but as you can see above, in 14 episodes this has grown into a full-fledged Black Metal Mass of ridiculous proportions.

15 Apr 2013

Stanley Kubrick Didn’t Produce and Direct the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, No Matter What This Documentary Says

While Room 237 glosses over the details of these theories to give a wider perspective on the type of person that formulates them, The Shining Code goes in deep. Specifically about the notion that The Shining was a hidden confession by Kubrick of producing and directing the Apollo 11 moon landing, making it a hoax.

10 Apr 2013

These Video Game Themes Done Acapella Make Me Hate Acapella Less

I came across Smooth McGroove’s Youtube Channel and my entire opinion of the genre has changed. Okay, not really, but his acapella cover of the Guile theme from Street Fighter 2 hooked me.

12 Nov 2012

Average DAPS Reader: Wouldn’t Eat A Human To Save Their Life, Even If It Does

Gelatin, as we are all well aware by now, is essentially powdered animal bodies. Typically, gelatin is used in food products, like Jell-O and candy or in capsules for medicine. But somehow, scientists have figured out how to create a more consistent gelatin using human DNA!

18 Oct 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Man Cannonballs Onto Solid Ice

This video has been making the rounds the past 2 days and we decided to give it the old Viral Commentary treatment.

09 Oct 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Worst Robbery Ever

This gentleman figured out the perfect robbery, except the part about getting away with it.

02 Oct 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Rope Swing Ends in Disaster

What happens when you cross a rope swing, a lake of sorts, and an idiot? You probably have a few bruised ribs and a concussion, but you also have one hell of a funny video!

25 Sep 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Boy Destroys His Back Falling on a Pogo Stick

Pogo Sticks are very dangerous, when in the hands of idiots. Take a look as this young man almost paralyzes himself trying to jump on a retaining wall with his pogo stick.