21 Sep 2012

The Black Rob / Matrix Mash-Up You’ve Never Seen But Should Have

Let’s face it, modern culture completely lacks originality. Everything is a remix or mashup or some other permutation of things that have come prior.

18 Sep 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Man Gets Kicked By a Horse

This week’s Viral Video Commentary features a man who gets a little slap happy with a horses ass and ends up looking like one himself when he gets destroyed after the horse kicks him.

11 Sep 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Escalator Trick Fails Hard

This week we take a look at a gentleman who tries to impress his buddies while playing around on an escalator. As expected, he hurts himself.

07 Sep 2012

Zack Morris Makes Modern TV Shows Better

In honor of the great Zack Morris, we here at DAPS decided to put him in modern sitcoms with hopes that he would make them as great as he did Saved by the Bell.

04 Sep 2012

Q&A With the Author of Social Media is Bullsh*t, Brandon Mendelson

Brandon Mendelson answered a few questions about the “social media” landscape and offers some great insight into the lies people sell to boost their own speaking fees and perpetuate the myth that people can get rich and famous online.

31 Aug 2012

Updated: Viral Video Commentary: Parkour Attempt Turns into an Epic Nutshot

This installment of our DAPS Viral Video Commentary has me dissecting a video of Boris attempting to show off his sweet Parkour moves. As expected, he fails miserably.

28 Aug 2012

Drake as the Softest Things

I sat and thought about the softest things in the world, and wanted to see what they would look like if Drake was as soft as them.

24 Aug 2012

Introducing the Centauris! The Latest Super-Trio Out of Hollywood

The Centauris are three pop-culture icons named Tori from vastly different realms who have joined forced when a meteor hits the earth and transformed them into Centaurs.

22 Aug 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Guy Faceplants Trying To Jump His Bike Over a BBQ

This video is a perfect example of why it’s a bad idea to drink around children. It’s not that they’ll learn the behavior, it’s that you’ll be too drunk to realize that you arten’t one of them.

17 Aug 2012

2012 Fall Movie Previews Based Solely on Their Posters

We developed a keen sense of being able to explain the plot of any film based solely on it’s poster.