15 Aug 2012

8 Photos of Mars that NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

In typical NASA fashion, there has been a gigantic cover up. It turns out that they’ve even gone as far as doctoring photos the “Mars Science Laboratory” has taken. We here at DAPS have obtained the exclusive un-retouched photos of Mars and are proud to show you, the American, no, the World’s people what has been taking place on Mars.

10 Aug 2012

Old Actors Revisiting The Famous Roles of Their Youth

Lets take the aged actors of our day and transport them back to iconic movie roles from their youth. Why? Because it’s really funny to see old people do things, duh.

08 Aug 2012

Call Me Maybe is Filled With Satanic Messages When Played Backwards

While poisoning our culture with awful content, record companies, film studios and television stations are also poisoning our spiritual well beings with satanic messages attempting to control our minds

03 Aug 2012

Introducing DAPS Brau – The First Ever Fake Beer By Dog and Pony Show

We wanted to make an awful beer and see how unsuspecting tasters would react to it.

01 Aug 2012

6 Attractive Adults with Baby Faces

When we came up with this idea and I lept at the chance to put it together, I was warned to post this as “Sexy Adults Made Creepy With Baby Faces” and not “Babies Made Sexy with Adult Bodies”.

27 Jul 2012

12 Famous Movies Scenes Enhanced by Rage Comics

We decided that the understanding of popular cinema could be broadened by utilizing Rage Comics characters and placing them in iconic roles.

25 Jul 2012

Fund Our First Indiegogo Project: Learning to Fart on Command

Today we are launching our first ever Iniegogo campaign. It’s for a project we are calling Learning to Fart on command: A Life-Long Dream Realized. Take a look at our campaign video.

20 Jul 2012

Rambo First Blood Supercut of Every Single Gruesome Death

Nothing will prepare you to remember how violent First Blood actually was.

18 Jul 2012

Summer BBQ Tips and Recipes to Impress Your Friends

We here at DAPS decided to put together an all-star caliber guide for your next barbecue. Just do what we tell you and your buddies might actually bring better beer to your next shindig.

19 Apr 2012

Should You Always Wash Your Hands Before Leaving The Bathroom?

I rarely wash my hands after using the bathroom.