09 May 2013

Star Trek’s Commander Riker Sits Down Like a Boss

This is insane. How the hell did I over look this little Star Trek: The Next Generation gem!? Watch this Supercut created by YouTube user WeirdHat. Commander Riker, played by Jonathan Frakes, had a very unusual way of sitting. He’s so tall that he throws his leg over the back part of the chair.

Plato Used To Do Drugs Meme
16 Apr 2013

Awesome Links: 50 Cent Has Justin Bieber’s Back, Your First Look at Jamie Foxx as Electro and Rachel Bilson Bikini Shots from Barbados

50 Cent actually makes a valid and sane point about Justin Bieber’s Anne Frank faux pas. Here’s 6 false things you heard about the Boston bombing. Stay informed America. 20 idiots who believe that Boston deserved the bombing. No comment. Here’s your first look at Jamie Foxx as Electro. Use StarRSS to

Emoji Text Convo
11 Apr 2013

Awesome Links: Fallout Monopoly, a Hamster ‘Rises from the Dead’ and Sara Jean Underwood’s Twitter Bikini Pic

Someone on Reddit created Fallout Monopoly! Look new Man of Steel photos. These will also be in Entertainment Weekly Would you eat a sandwich? What about if the bread was Ramen noodles? The Millennium Falcon appeared in Blade Runner. Now you know. Are you part of the 1 in 10 people who

11 Apr 2013

Wait, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were Fighting?

As a HUGE Wayne’s World fan I’m slightly miffed that I had no idea Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were fighting!

10 Apr 2013

Listen to Molly Ringwald Sing the Breakfast Club Theme Song

Molly Ringwald’s sultry jazz voice brings new life to Simple Minds’ classic 80’s tune, which was kinda responsible for her whole Hollywood career.

09 Apr 2013

Check Out This Anchorman and Macklemore’s Thrift Shop Mashup

Why should you? Because it’s fucking awesome… (Get it? It’s a line from Macklamore’s song.)

08 Apr 2013

Watch the Wu Tang Clan’s GZA Rap About Science

Why do we get to experience the awesomeness of hearing Gza rap about science? Because the rapper is part of a new program that is encouraging New York City public schools to use hip hop as a tool to teach science. Pretty cool.

14 Aug 2012

Sharks: The Other 51 Weeks A Year

Now that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is upon us, we here at DAPS are celebrating everything Shark!

07 Aug 2012

Judging Twin Peaks Based Only On Pictures from Tumblr

I’ve never watched the TV show Twin Peaks.
So here’s today’s experiment. I picked out some Twin Peaks photos off of Tumblr and I’m going to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and attempt to reconstruct the plot of Twin Peaks using these images.

31 Jul 2012

X-Men in Iconic Civil Rights Photos.

You know what’s funny? The Civil Rights Movement of the ’60s.