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Average DAPS Reader: Ends Up On The Daily Show Propagating Italian Stereotypes

Staten Island, DAPS’ home base, is widely known for it’s guidos. Seriously, we make the best ones.

Last night, The Daily Show decided to put a bunch of Staten Islanders in a room and asked them to prove the borough’s ability to produce a Supreme Court Justice, because we are the only borough in NYC to not be represented in the Supreme Court. But who cares about that, our very own Captain America a.k.a. Joe So Delicious (from over at emiliosparks.com and The Emilio Sparks Experience) appeared in the segment, and pretty much stole the show!

While I can’t personally condone the whole guido thing, I have to give it up to Wyatt Cenac for producing a segment that doesn’t bore me to death! j/k! (or am I?)

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