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Average DAPS Reader: Is Late Getting their 2010 NY Comic-Con Coverage Up

Editor’s Note: I am 100% aware that this is far too late for the mile-a-minute pace of the internet, but YOU didn’t have to shoot or edit all this crap for literally negative dollars! If you cared that much about hyper-timely content, you’d fucking pay me to do this shit instead of taking it for granted you spoiled little brat.

This years NY Comic-con was a few weeks ago, and your favorite website, (not that one, I’m talking about DAPS) was there making fun of cosplayers.

More specifically, Emilio Sparks and Joe So Delicious attended the event and had a grand ol’ time.

Not only was Emilio and Joe there, we had super-photographer Dave ‘CobraJesusGiordano and Bachelor Bible writer Craig ‘App ManCaruso attend and snap some photographs of hot chicks, cool heroes, and Craig standing around things that aren’t comic related.

There are a TON of photos, so click on through mo-fuckas

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