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Awesome Links: A Screaming Albino Armadillo, How Taylor Swift Writes a Love Song, Screwing With The Google Car, and the Face of God


This hyperlapse of Google Street View is pretty damn amazing.

Also, this headline: “Couple Spots Approaching Google Street View Car; Stops By the Side of the Road to Have Sex

One more headline: “Chocolate Made With Fruit Juice Has Half The Fat Content Of Conventional Products

Where are The Sandlot kids now? Living life, just like all of us! Some of them are actors though, some of them aren’t.

Who’s ready for a screaming albino armadillo?!??!?

Now you’ve seen the face of god. It’s a green gas floating through space. We were so off with all that beard shit.

Breastaurant” is now a legal trademark.

Glamour talks dating with GIRLS star Zosia Mamet, I heard that it’s good. I haven’t actually read it.

I can tell you from experience that this is exactly the type of thing that goes on at movie theaters. Actually, far worse things go on, I’m not going to talk about them here.

Speaking of god, you can become a Tumblr one by learning these 12 tricks.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Patrick Stewart.

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