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Awesome Links: Every 30Rock Movie Reference, Reasons My Son Is Crying, and Cucamelons

Sorry guys, Breaking Bad‘s Walt Jr. gets more play than you do.

On the plus side tho, science may be using stem-cells to cure obesity.

Should I unfollow Roger Ebert” explores the idea of social media after death.

Former Jersey Shore cast members are having trouble in their post-JS lives. Who woulda guessed?!?

Friends’ Ross Gellar was awful.

This upcoming documentary claims that extra-terrestrials are real. Case closed. is a Tumblr that you need to read, now.

Got a half-hour to kill? Watch every movie reference in the history of 30 Rock.

Idk, I’d say that some of these “tacky” prom dresses are actually pretty. Girlfriend who wrote that post is just jealz.

This is sweet. Someone made an AT-AT walker for a 4 year old.

I want to grow cucamelons, but like, not enough to actually do it.

A Jurassic Park drinking game? YES PLEASE!

Finally, Kate Upton posed with a baby tiger:

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