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Awesome Links: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Wu-Tang At Coachella, and John Stamos’ Early Headshots


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Comedy nerds, Simpsons geeks… I give you Conan O’Brien’s The Simpsons writers reunion.

So the New York Mets PR guy is a tongue-in-cheek Twitter comedian.

In ‘duh’ news, men understand the emotions of other men more than they understand the emotions of women.

General Zod made a viral video.

Watch a reunited¬†Wu Tang Clan perform at this weekend’s Coachella.

Some guy taught his computer to play Super Mario Bros., it sucks at it though.

You can almost see Alison Brie’s butt in these sexy Esquire photos.

Remember The Dana Carvey Show? A bunch of no-names lost their jobs after only one season. I often think of what could have become of them. So much promise in young Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Charlie Kaufman, and Louis CK. What could have been :(

Take a look at John Stamos’ earliest headshots!

Finally, here’s the Entourage/TMNT mash-up you’ve been waiting for:

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