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BAD TASTE with Jayme Kilsby: Episode 01 – Space Jam Michael Jordan Trophy Treats

Get on board with ‘Bad Taste’, a new series that documents one man’s mission to eat and review 20 year old candy so you don’t have to! You’ll go on a roller-coaster ride of hilarity with many loops of disgust and one man inching his way closer to food poisoning.

That man is Jayme Kilsby, an eccentric funnyman with a stomach of steel and a stash of 20+ year old candy he can’t help but ingest. When Jayme isn’t eating candy, he’s indulging on Justice League Pop-Tarts, tacos, ect.

Have your vomit bags ready as you dive into the first episode, which features ‘Michael Jordan Space Jam Trophy Treats’, from 1996. 1996. Miniature Michael Jordan busts, that are surprisingly accurate, filled with gum balls, the integrity of which are questionable.

When ‘Space Jam’ came out all those years ago and MJ was approving these busts of himself for distribution, I imagine this series is exactly what he had in mind. We reached out to Michael Jordan for comment and received no reply. Still, ‘Space Jam’ holds up, so should the candy!

Go into ‘Bad Taste’ with an open mind as Jayme snacks himself both into your heart, and into his grave. Witness Michael Jordan alley-oop his (gum)balls into Jayme’s mouth in an unusually entertaining, disgusting sort of way.

In order to get you acquainted with our new host, we asked him some questions:

1) What inspired Bad Taste and your mission to continuously poison yourself?

As silly as these videos are, there was a lot of inspiration and a lot of thought to it. I’m a big fan of a few blogs that primarily focus on nostalgia for their content they generate. I’ve also always wanted to make people laugh. Since these bloggers really say nearly everything there is to be said about a lot of topics, I wanted to produce content of my own but was reluctant because I didn’t want to post stuff that’s already been done to death or that somebody else can do better. A few years ago I ate a stick of gum from a 1991 TMNT trading card pack as a goof. I posted a picture about it to facebook and got a really cool reaction from a lot of people. It took a little bit, and some inspiration from my buddy Rob, but these videos seemed like the answer. They would, in theory, be funny – AND I’d be reporting on nostalgic things like all the blogs I love so much.

2) What can viewers expect to see on this season of Bad Taste?

viewers can expect to see more taste testing of some vintage candies from the 80s and 90s! Some that they will recognize right away, and some they may only recognize by brand. I really only focus on movie and TV tie in foods. So don’t expect to see me eat a snickers from 1986. Unless, of course, it’s Ghostbusters branded or something. What is happening to my life? So yeah, expect some things that make you nostalgic and some things to make you laugh!

3) If you could bring back one candy from the 90’s to be reproduced now, what would that candy be?

If I could bring back one candy from the 90s it would be a tie between two candies that I only vaguely remember. One of which being this green, sour slime that came in a toothpaste looking tube that had Slimer from The Real Ghostbusters on it. I think it was simply called “Slimer Gum”. OR this super sour candy that had WCW wrestlers on the packaging. It’s literally ungoogleable. I’ve tried. I might be the only person who ever had it.

4) What’s your favorite candy, past and present?

my favorite candy of all time, past or present, is probably Butterfinger. But it’s weird, man. The appeal isn’t quite as there when they don’t put Bart Simpson on the wrapper. My brain is weird.”

*Bad Taste with Jayme Kilsby was created by Jayme Kilsby,  produced by DAPS (Specifically Christopher Olivieri, Tavis Delahunt, and Damian Thomas), written by Jayme Kilsby, Vin Forte, Julianne Neely, and Chris Knight.*


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Photography by David Giordano.

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