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BAD TASTE With Jayme Kilsby: Episode 03 – 90210/Luke Perry Bubble Gum

9021-Oh no he didn’t! 9021-OH YES HE DID! Jayme Kilsby has continued to do what he has regretfully done before. Except this time he is indulging on 1990’s heart throb Luke Perry. Well, he’s indulging on Luke Perry gum, which isn’t exactly the same thing; although Kilsby wishes it was.

Episode 3 of Bad Taste has arrived! Watch as Kilsby scarfs down this 24 pack of Luke Perry chewing gum, while he concurrently takes 24 years off of his lifespan. This candy is brought to us by the company Torand and came to be in the year 1991, one year after the beloved television series premiered. The name of the series actually comes from the zip-code of the location where the show is set.

Luke Perry was voted biggest flirt in his senior year of high school, so now you can bear witness to his gum flirting with the taste buds on Kilsby’s tongue. Perry himself wouldn’t eat his own gum but do you know who will? Pop-culture archeologist Jayme Kilsby. The brave. The bold. And the bearded.

Stay tuned until the end to see if Jayme spits or swallows [Luke Perry]!

*Bad Taste with Jayme Kilsby was created by Jayme Kilsby,  produced by DAPS (Specifically Christopher Olivieri, Tavis Delahunt, and Damian Thomas), written by Jayme Kilsby, Vin Forte, Julianne Neely, and Chris Knight.*

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Photography by David Giordano.



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