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Bad Taste With Jayme Kilsby: Episode 05 – Orbitz Soda

Have you ever been lying in bed wondering to yourself if there is somebody out there just crazy enough to consume something disgusting for the entertainment of others? Of course you haven’t! Because if you had that would definitely be strange.

There is one man, however, who does just that. His name? Jayme Kilsby. He’s back and he’s better than ever. His beard is bigger, his shirts are different, and he’s still ingesting stuff that might very well kill him. This time around, Jayme is taking a step away from expired candy and he is setting his sights on an expired soft drink from 1997 that goes by the name “Orbitz.”

Orbitz is, or maybe was, a moderately popular bottled drink that jumped onto shelves in 1997 but due to dissatisfying sales, disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared. The drink drew most of its appeal with its inclusion of gellan gumballs that literally DEFIED GRAVITY and floated throughout the drink, creating an almost lava lamp-esque visual. Maybe that’s what turned off most, but I don’t know, honestly, I’m guilty of wanting to drink a lava lamp. JUST TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. Yes, I know I would die but, that’s what life is all about, you know? Taking chances and gaining experiences.

The drink came in a variety of flavors but no matter the flavor, the liquid inside the bottle always appeared clear with only the floating balls having a different color. Orbitz has turned into a collector’s item among most, with bottles auctioning off for around $10-$20 (or more!) per bottle on eBay! The bottle that Jayme drinks was found by me, at a yard sale, on a table and I paid $1 for it (Any excuse to brag).

Watch this Orbitz edition of Bad Taste and enjoy as Jayme Kilsby gets on the phone with a doctor to ask for advice only to disregard all advice received. Maybe he’ll die, maybe he won’t. We’ll see!

Watch our Bad Taste: Orbitz Soda Teaser Video and get a better look at the drink, below:


Check out a few behind the scenes photos from our “Writer’s Room” by David Giordano below:


*Bad Taste with Jayme Kilsby was created by Jayme Kilsby,  produced by DAPS (Specifically Christopher Olivieri, Tavis Delahunt, and Damian Thomas), written by Jayme Kilsby, Vin Forte, Julianne Neely, and Chris Knight.*

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Photography by David Giordano.

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