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Beautiful Parallax Video Shows Off WWF Photos In (Almost) 3D

I’m a sucker for beautiful photography and editing magic, so I was immediately sold on this cool video that Ad Hoc FilmsMake Productions, made from WWF (remember: that’s animals, not wrestlers now) photographs. The video was created using an interesting and painstaking technique called the 2.5D Parallax Effect. When using this technique an editor creates multiple Photoshop layers from a high resolution image, then imports those layers into Adobe After Effects and animates them to create motion. If you’re feeling inspired, you can learn how to do this yourself, here.

This project was produced by Ad Hoc Films, with the parallax effect being implemented by Make Productions. Both Ad Hoc and Make are located across the pond in Jolly-old England. Make Production has contributed motion graphics to campaigns for H&M, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and The National Bank of Arizona. While Ad Hoc has worked on Material for EA, BBC, CNN,  and other companies whose names are not acronyms. Did you read this far? See, I knew someone cared…

Donate To The World Wildlife Fund, here

Follow Ad Hoc Films on Twitter, here

Follow Make Productions on Twitter, here

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