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Average DAPS Reader: Knows The Identity Of The Bed Intruder. (Marty McFly)

Since July 18th, the date that the infamous bed intruder interview was broadcast on NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News in Huntsville, Antoine Dodson has been searching for his sworn enemy known only as “The Bed Intruder.” Here at DAPS we’ve been working night and day researching the clues left in the video in hopes of finding the true identity of this uninvited bedroom guest.

Last week, while watching one of our favorite films we’ve uncovered some new pivotal evidence that clearly convicts someone of this heinous crime. Now, this film is not for the faint of heart and your perceptions of the assailant will change drastically after seeing the video footage.

Viewer discretion is advised.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Marty FREAKING McFly is the bed intruder that Antoine has been searching for all this time. After one bed intrusion in Hill Valley California back in 1985, McFly has been committing serial bed intrusions under the cover of night, terrorizing families across the country. It wasn’t until the new Dodson press began that he was flushed out.

If you know anything about McFly or his whereabouts, please contact the Huntsville authorities and help deliver this pervert to justice.


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