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Bob’s Burgers’ Jimmy Jr. Makes Drake’s Hotline Bling So Much Better

Hotline Bling is quickly becoming on of the most parodied songs of 2015, as Drakes dad-dancing has gone viral. The formula seems to be, cut some laughable dancing to the popular Drake track, and BOOM, magic happens.

This begs the question, What would happen if Hotline Bling was combined with some really beautiful dancing? Well, that’s what Tumblr user,¬†teenagevictorysong, wanted to find out. Peyton brilliantly combined the stunningly graceful movements of Bob’s Burgers¬†dancing machine, Jimmy Jr.

As you can see above, the result was beautiful. I might go as far as saying, far more beautiful than Drizzy’s version.

Before you go, I leave you with a bonus, here’s a vine of Tina Belcher, also dancing to Hotline Bling:

Just for the sake of comparison, Watch the original version, here

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