“BREAKING”: MLB Looking To Suspend A-Rod, Braun, “Others”

MLB Suspension Screenshot

Where have we heard this before? I know I read it somewhere… crap, where was it…, It really reminds me of something…

OH RIGHT! We read it here, here, and here.

In case you don’t want to click, let me catch you up. On March 4th, we posted about this tweet from DAPS’ sports writer Joe Bisceglie:

Joe Bisceglie Scoops The World on Braun/A-Rod Suspension


Afterwards, he expanded on that:

Yesterday afternoon I got a text that read “Guess which four MLB players are about to be suspended for PEDs?” The same source who provided me with the Melky Cabrera suspension news last year was now providing the names of four of baseball’s elite players, including three Yankees. I tweeted it, and instantly DAPS editor Chris’ head exploded. He wrote up a post about my tweets which instantly became the biggest sports post we’ve ever had on Dog and Pony Show.

Because some haters called him a fraud, he also said this:

You guys are all right, I have no credibility. I can’t even name my source for you. One of the worst things about the internet is that any idiot can write any nonsense and post it as “news”. I wouldn’t have even read my own story unless it got picked up by ESPN or Yahoo or some other reputable sports website. I’m not a journalist. I’m not fuckin’ Peter Gammons, or Buster Olney. I’m a guy who took one journalism class 100 years ago in college. When I write about sports here on DAPS I’m exclusively writing editorial pieces meant to amuse other people like me and hopefully provide them with a take on stuff they haven’t heard before. The most popular feature I write includes a picture of an attractive woman at the end so that people will actually read it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not right. We have no business running this story, we aren’t Yahoo or ESPN or even Deadspin. We are just a bunch of dudes from Staten Island who stumbled into a chance to tell people about the biggest story in baseball before anyone else. We are much more qualified to post cat videos, Kate Upton pictures or shit about Jurassic Park. But fuck it, we work really hard on this site and if this is how people are going to discover our little ol’ site then so be it.

Then he tweeted this:

Joe Bisceglie Scoops The World on Braun/A-Rod Suspension


And now, 8 weeks later than expected, ESPN is saying this:

Major League Baseball will seek to suspend about 20 players connected to the Miami-area clinic at the heart of an ongoing performance-enhancing drug scandal, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, possibly within the next few weeks, “Outside the Lines” has learned. If the suspensions are upheld, the performance-enhancing drug scandal would be the largest in American sports history.

So, that’s 2/4 and we’re waiting for the other two who are rumored to be on the list of 20 players not directly identified. We only reported that this was going down in early March. It should be fun to watch this story unfold.

So, where are your heads at now? Do you expect to see the other two names on the list?

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