BXBY Decides that the Internet is Still a Place for Original Things

Photographer Quentin Cherrier decided to create a narrative , film it, and put it on the internet as a series of animated gifs. While making gifs isn’t exactly original, at least this isn’t another Star Wars x My Little Pony minimalism poster series. YOU DIG?

The story is about, well, I think it’s about a chick who wakes up in the woods with balloons, then this dude with a gun chases her and then he shoots her balloons. Innocence taken? I dunno. It’s artsy, and visually appealing. The original song is neat and written by Augustin Charnet (of KiD WiSE fame).

It’s definitely worth the 5 minutes to take a look at the “films” website and watch the whole thing. You’ll end up seeing frames from it on Tumblr in a few days anyway, might as well know what the hell you’ll be seeing ahead of time.

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Chris Olivieri

Chris Olivieri

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