Can I Claim Bankruptcy?

Since the economy is going downhill here in the good ol’ US of A and every corporation is claiming bankruptcy. Now I found out this morning that President-Elect Obama is already starting to try and help.

“Democratic leaders in Congress said Tuesday they will push legislation next week to use the $700 billion Wall Street rescue fund to bail out Detroit auto makers, and President-elect Barack Obama ordered his transition team to look at ways to aid the car industry even before his inauguration.”

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It is a very good thing that Obama cares enough to start to help out even before his inauguration. One has to wonder though if he is drunk with power already?

We here at DAPS feel this economic crunch and we claim BANKRUPTCY!!! For all the government officials out there we here need a financial bailout. We believe that anywhere in the $25 billion and up range should suffice to keep us afloat for the next couple of years. Don’t worry if your not the government we accept donations.

For all donations please contact us at:
and one of our highly trained representatives will take the time to go over all of your donation options.

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