24 Feb 2016

POPSUGAR Had Humans Pose Like Famous Dogs, And It’s Fantastic

Joanna Sloame and the other geniuses at POPSUGAR bridged the gap between stupid humans and dogs. How? By having humans pose like (insta)famous dogs for photos. Brilliant, right? I know.

20 Oct 2015

Beautiful Parallax Video Shows Off WWF Photos In (Almost) 3D

I’m a sucker for beautiful photography and editing magic, so I was immediately sold on this cool video that Ad Hoc Films & Make Productions, made from WWF (remember: that’s animals, not wrestlers now) photographs.

18 Sep 2015

Charlie Is A Snapchat Cat Puking Rainbows

I’d like to thank YouTuber, Richard Shaffer, for uploading this video of a cat vomiting rainbows. Don’t worry everyone, this kitty isn’t sick! Charlie is actually just being filmed with Snapchat’s new “Lenses” feature.

27 Jun 2013

This French Bulldog Is Afraid Of His Own Farts

We’ve all been there. A fart sneaks out and we weren’t expecting it. Sometimes it’s like a mystery, especially if there are other people in the room. “Was that me or her??” Other times, you react exactly like this pup did, with a sense of befuddlement coupled with sheer panic.

27 Sep 2011

Chris’ Cute and Cuddly Critters: Baby Manatees.

I’ve always been a fan of the manatee brand, so today while I was showering I decided to find some baby manatee awwws on the internet for you all.

06 Jul 2011

I Don’t Know When I Will Hypnotize A Chicken, But At Least I Know I Can

Have you ever wanted to HYPNOTIZE A CHICKEN!?

01 Jul 2011

Damian’s Cute and Cuddly Critters: Baby Bongo Born at Franklin Park Zoo

The western or lowland bongo, Tragelaphus eurycerus eurycerus, is a herbivorous, mostly nocturnal forest ungulate and among the largest of the African forest antelope species.