12 Nov 2012

Average DAPS Reader: Wouldn’t Eat A Human To Save Their Life, Even If It Does

Gelatin, as we are all well aware by now, is essentially powdered animal bodies. Typically, gelatin is used in food products, like Jell-O and candy or in capsules for medicine. But somehow, scientists have figured out how to create a more consistent gelatin using human DNA!

06 Jul 2011

Average DAPS Reader: Can Finally Come to Terms With the Casey Anthony Verdict

Yesterday was a historic day for people who pay attention to trivial court cases on cable television.

05 Jul 2011

Average DAPS Reader: Can’t Lie About Their Size Anymore

Oh those crazy Koreans, always doing shady studies about penis sizes.

29 Oct 2010

Average DAPS Reader: Is Late Getting their 2010 NY Comic-Con Coverage Up

This years NY Comic-con was a few weeks ago, and your favorite website was there making fun of cosplayers.

27 Sep 2010

Average DAPS Reader: Can Watch Carlo Get A Brazilian Wax at Dyanna Body and Nail Spa

Check out the first Episode of Learn Something! with Carlo, where he visits Dyanna Body and Nail spa to get a Brazilian Wax.

22 Sep 2010

Average DAPS Reader: Knows The Identity Of The Bed Intruder. (Marty McFly)

Since July 18th, the date that the infamous bed intruder interview was broadcast on NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News in Huntsville, Antoine Dodson has been searching for his sworn enemy known only as “The Bed Intruder.” Here at DAPS we’ve been working night and day researching the clues left in the video in hopes of finding the true identity of this uninvited bedroom guest.

10 Sep 2010

Average DAPS Reader: Ends Up On The Daily Show Propagating Italian Stereotypes

Last night, The Daily Show decided to put a bunch of Staten Islanders in a room and asked them to prove the borough’s ability to produce a Supreme Court Justice, because we are the only borough in NYC to not be represented in the Supreme Court. But who cares about that, our very own Captain America a.k.a. Joe So Delicious (from over at emiliosparks.com and The Emilio Sparks Experience) appeared in the segment, and pretty much stole the show!

02 Jul 2010

Average DAPS Reader: Ofiicially Hates Pete Wentz

Former Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz, has decided to form his own “electro-pop” band called Bl4ck C4rds. yes, there are 4s in their name instead of As.