10 Feb 2017

Fatal Farm’s Lasagna Cat Is Back! If You Don’t Know What That Means, Click and Learn Why It’s Amazing News!

This week, the Fatal Farm folks began teasing what appears to be the return of John, Garfield, Odie, and the whole crew. It’s been nine years, and the guys have been working in the big leagues (Adult Swim, Key & Peele, etc.) so the quality of the video has jumped significantly.

05 Nov 2015

Adam Buxton’s Moby Song Is A Perfect Waste Of Your Time

Sometimes saying certain phrases, or in this case names, in succession creates a sort of rhythm.

Ostrich Quadcopter
30 Jul 2013

Some Guy Turned an Ostrich Into a Terrifying Quadcopter

It’s 2013, so obviously taxidermy and helicoptery (I think I just made that word up) are one and the same. What better idea than to take the world’s largest flightless bird and let him fulfill his wildest dream… AND OUR GREATEST NIGHTMARE. ::cue horror-movie music::

27 Jun 2013

Exploding Actresses Is Pretty Much What It Sounds Like

Video editor, Simone Rovelli has put together some immensely amusing video clips where famous female actresses (and cartoons) lose their heads.

14 May 2013

Best Job Ever: Chinese Censor ‘Forced’ to Watch 700 Pornos a Month

Today we have a news report from Hunan Satellite TV that chronicles Communist China’s bureaucratic efforts to censor illegal pornography. Workers at the Hunan Office Against Pornography and Illegal Publications are tasked with watching around 700 pornographic DVDs a month.

09 Apr 2013

Weird Compliments Are The Best Compliments

Being able to accept a compliment without getting all weird and awkward is quite the rare skill. How would you react to a weird compliment.

08 Apr 2013

Watch the Wu Tang Clan’s GZA Rap About Science

Why do we get to experience the awesomeness of hearing Gza rap about science? Because the rapper is part of a new program that is encouraging New York City public schools to use hip hop as a tool to teach science. Pretty cool.

24 Aug 2012

Introducing the Centauris! The Latest Super-Trio Out of Hollywood

The Centauris are three pop-culture icons named Tori from vastly different realms who have joined forced when a meteor hits the earth and transformed them into Centaurs.

14 Aug 2012

Sharks: The Other 51 Weeks A Year

Now that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is upon us, we here at DAPS are celebrating everything Shark!

01 Aug 2012

6 Attractive Adults with Baby Faces

When we came up with this idea and I lept at the chance to put it together, I was warned to post this as “Sexy Adults Made Creepy With Baby Faces” and not “Babies Made Sexy with Adult Bodies”.