06 Jul 2012

The Full Story Behind The World’s Longest Moving Violation

The ticket was a rolled up scroll of charges, weighing in at about 2 pounds and running a whopping 75 feet in length. Upon returning to the office, we took some photos. The next day I posted these photos to Reddit.com and within 24 hours, the album I posted online had received 1.2 million hits.

29 Nov 2011

The 1990s: A Video By Dog and Pony Show.

Last night when we attempted to put this on the DAPS YouTube, we got a big ol’ “Go fuck yourself” from the online video giant. Apparently, they have a no Fred Durst rule. Womp womp.

29 Nov 2011

Did You Know that Former President Richard Nixon was a Serious Rap Genius??

No one really knows that the 37th President was the first true Hip Hop MC.

12 Nov 2011

I’ll Just Leave This Here: Check Out This Black Magic!!

I don’t get magic at all. It’s just tricks right? I hope magicians aren’t really summoning the Dark Lord Satan to accomplish their wonderful tricks.

06 Jul 2011

I Don’t Know When I Will Hypnotize A Chicken, But At Least I Know I Can

Have you ever wanted to HYPNOTIZE A CHICKEN!?

12 Nov 2010

What If “Doug” Was A Live-Action Film?

What If “Doug” Was A Live-Action Film? The people over at Dr. CoolSex answer that question with very mixed results.

22 Oct 2010

Your Grandpa Sucked At World War 2

Did he ever pull this off while fighting the NAZI’s?????

11 Aug 2010

Julian Casablancas To Write Song For New York Mets

I honestly don’t know how to feel. This could be pretty damn spiffy. Then again, when I think pro-sports I don’t immediately think of The Strokes so I guess that might have something to do with everything.

30 Apr 2010

Reasons To Watch Our Sidebar Videos: Inspiration!

If you frequent this little website often, you may have noticed the “video of the moment” which lives on our sidebar on all pages of the site. These videos are usually hilariously weird youtube clips that don’t really fit into a post, but we still fell are worthy of DAPS loves.