05 Nov 2015

Adam Buxton’s Moby Song Is A Perfect Waste Of Your Time

Sometimes saying certain phrases, or in this case names, in succession creates a sort of rhythm.

the Bonfire roasts Chet Haze.
13 Sep 2015

Listen to the Bonfire Roast Rapper Chet Hanks With “Tom Hanks” Themed Rap

Talk about low hanging fruit. Making fun of awful celebrity children/siblings isn’t very hard, but Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder, hosts of Sirius/XM’s “the Bonfire”, have struck comedy gold with their recent bit highlighting how “good” Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks/Hanx/Haze is at “spitting hot fire on the mic”.

Tom Hardy's Bane Had a Myspace Too
10 Sep 2015

Tom Hardy’s MySpace Photos Are Funny, But BANE’S MYSPACE PHOTOS Are Insane

You merely adopted the top 8; Bane was born in it!

VMA Logo
31 Aug 2015

The 5 Best and Worst Dressed Celebs from the 2015 VMAs

Let’s face it, we all spent a good portion of last night watching the VMAs and then tweeting about some of the ridiculous looks that were modeled by Hollywood’s finest. While most of the looks are ones we would never wear in our regular lives, I mean honestly a gown has no place in the office and if it is in yours then I am in the wrong office; some of these looks really took the cake of bizarre.

28 Aug 2015

WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Dance on Billy Joel’s Piano

It’s very Friday at the office today, so I’m going to let Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence take it from here. Watch as the actresses do a chorus line and dance on Billy Joel’s piano during the Piano Man’s performance at Wrigley Field on Thursday night. Might this be a bit of viral marketing for Shumer’s new film Trainwreck?

Jay Miller Public Music Video
19 Aug 2013

An interview with Midevenings host, Jay Miller

Staten Island native, Jay Miller, is the host of Midevenings with Jay Miller. A unique type of talk show filled with many unexpected appearances and events. Whether it’s Bobby Bunz feeding his pet head, or Pooh Bear (Tim Duffy) wrestling Chris Gethard. This show will surely keep you entertained.

19 Jun 2013

An Interview with comedian, Eli Braden

Comedian, writer, musician, Eli Braden is a man of numerous talents. The entertainer posts funny music videos onto his YouTube page. On Twitter he showcases his humor to his 100k followers.

An Interview with Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans
08 May 2013

An Interview with Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans

Jeff Wysaski is widely known for his humorous, creative, very popular Tumblr posts. He shares videos, pictures, and much more. If you crave clever, unique comedy, pleated-jeans is the place for you. Jeff’s original pictures are a fan favorite among many.

11 Apr 2013

Wait, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were Fighting?

As a HUGE Wayne’s World fan I’m slightly miffed that I had no idea Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were fighting!

10 Apr 2013

Listen to Molly Ringwald Sing the Breakfast Club Theme Song

Molly Ringwald’s sultry jazz voice brings new life to Simple Minds’ classic 80’s tune, which was kinda responsible for her whole Hollywood career.