Tom Hardy's Bane Had a Myspace Too
10 Sep 2015

Tom Hardy’s MySpace Photos Are Funny, But BANE’S MYSPACE PHOTOS Are Insane

You merely adopted the top 8; Bane was born in it!

31 Aug 2015

DAPS Links: Brad Willis Yells Like Hank Hill, Dogs Are Why You’re Here, Keytar Sonic The Hedgehog, & More!

We made a little video of Reporter Brad Willis (the one who was scared of the bug) and Hank Hill. They have a similar yell.

TrippyCup For Prez 2016
24 Aug 2015

Election 2016: 45 People Who Have Taken Steps To Be America’s Next President

It turns out that Deez Nuts can’t be your next president, but guess who can? All of the crazies that are listed in this post.

17 Aug 2015

Welcome Back To DAPS, We Missed You Too!

Welcome back to the show, internet friends! The above video represents the way you should feel about our return :)

01 Jun 2015

The Duck Tales Intro Cut To Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”

We know that the Duck Tales theme song works with Beyonce’s Single Ladies video, but does the Duck Tales intro work with Single Ladies as a theme?

17 May 2015

Michael Scott Quotes Over Photos of Don Draper

In honor of the Mad Men finale tonight, here are Michael Scott quotes over photos of Don Draper.

20 Dec 2013

Here’s that Dog and Pony Show Pilot From Two Years Ago, That You’ve Probably Never Seen 

In May of 2012, the DAPS kids began discussing the idea of making a television version of our website, which was peaking at the time. The idea slowly began to come together over the hot summer months. We teamed up with our friend Don Arangio as a producer on the project and recruited some of our very talented friends as well.

26 Sep 2013

Breaking Bad Tribute In The Style of that “Time of Your Life” Clip From The Seinfeld Finale

This is an original video featuring behind the scenes footage from Breaking Bad, cut in the style of the Seinfeld finale.

25 Mar 2013

Sneak Peek: The Dog and Pony Show Show’s Duck Face Exposé

We’re not ready to put the whole thing online right now, but we did upload one segment from the DAPS show starring Katie Koster and Casey Jost along with a number of familiar DAPS faces and well-wishers.

13 Nov 2012

Deep Fried Seven Layer Cookies, Cannoli, And Other Deep Fried Pastries

DAPS went and deep fried rainbow cookies, cannoli, and other pastries with awesome results. Here’s how, and a bevvy of photos!