24 Aug 2012

Introducing the Centauris! The Latest Super-Trio Out of Hollywood

The Centauris are three pop-culture icons named Tori from vastly different realms who have joined forced when a meteor hits the earth and transformed them into Centaurs.

23 Aug 2012

Disney Characters In The Wrong Disney Movies, Because We Can

You know how they say you should never alter a classic? Well, screw that. We here at DAPS do whatever the hell we want.

22 Aug 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Guy Faceplants Trying To Jump His Bike Over a BBQ

This video is a perfect example of why it’s a bad idea to drink around children. It’s not that they’ll learn the behavior, it’s that you’ll be too drunk to realize that you arten’t one of them.

17 Aug 2012

2012 Fall Movie Previews Based Solely on Their Posters

We developed a keen sense of being able to explain the plot of any film based solely on it’s poster.

15 Aug 2012

8 Photos of Mars that NASA Doesn’t Want You To See

In typical NASA fashion, there has been a gigantic cover up. It turns out that they’ve even gone as far as doctoring photos the “Mars Science Laboratory” has taken. We here at DAPS have obtained the exclusive un-retouched photos of Mars and are proud to show you, the American, no, the World’s people what has been taking place on Mars.

14 Aug 2012

Sharks: The Other 51 Weeks A Year

Now that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is upon us, we here at DAPS are celebrating everything Shark!

13 Aug 2012

The Shark Tank Cast on Real Shark Bodies, Yeah IDK…

I ended up putting the Shark Tank people’s faces on sharks

10 Aug 2012

Old Actors Revisiting The Famous Roles of Their Youth

Lets take the aged actors of our day and transport them back to iconic movie roles from their youth. Why? Because it’s really funny to see old people do things, duh.

08 Aug 2012

Call Me Maybe is Filled With Satanic Messages When Played Backwards

While poisoning our culture with awful content, record companies, film studios and television stations are also poisoning our spiritual well beings with satanic messages attempting to control our minds

07 Aug 2012

Judging Twin Peaks Based Only On Pictures from Tumblr

I’ve never watched the TV show Twin Peaks.
So here’s today’s experiment. I picked out some Twin Peaks photos off of Tumblr and I’m going to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and attempt to reconstruct the plot of Twin Peaks using these images.