06 Aug 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation Figures Get Freaky [NSFWish?]

what do a bunch of jerks in their late 20s do when this kind of revelation is made? Pose said figurines in the most explicit sex positions possible, photograph them, and post them on the internets.


03 Aug 2012

Introducing DAPS Brau – The First Ever Fake Beer By Dog and Pony Show

We wanted to make an awful beer and see how unsuspecting tasters would react to it.

02 Aug 2012

5 Events DAPS Would Like To See At The Next Summer Olympics

We’ve gone ahead and mocked up some events that could spice up the 2016 summer Olympics so they hit that all-important DAPS demographic.

01 Aug 2012

6 Attractive Adults with Baby Faces

When we came up with this idea and I lept at the chance to put it together, I was warned to post this as “Sexy Adults Made Creepy With Baby Faces” and not “Babies Made Sexy with Adult Bodies”.

31 Jul 2012

X-Men in Iconic Civil Rights Photos.

You know what’s funny? The Civil Rights Movement of the ’60s.

27 Jul 2012

12 Famous Movies Scenes Enhanced by Rage Comics

We decided that the understanding of popular cinema could be broadened by utilizing Rage Comics characters and placing them in iconic roles.

26 Jul 2012

Mario Paint Remixes: The Real Slim Shady and Getting Jiggy Wit It

Taking a Capella tracks from real songs, and putting them over Mario Paint versions of those songs.

25 Jul 2012

Fund Our First Indiegogo Project: Learning to Fart on Command

Today we are launching our first ever Iniegogo campaign. It’s for a project we are calling Learning to Fart on command: A Life-Long Dream Realized. Take a look at our campaign video.

24 Jul 2012

Eddie Murphy’s Crotch is the Best Part of Delirious.

I’m going to regale you with a tale about Eddie Murphy’s crotch.

23 Jul 2012

Comparing Bryan Cranston’s Walter White To Malcolm’s Dad Hal

I thought it’d be fun to compare Bryan’s two most famous characters Walter White, and the surnameless Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.