26 May 2010

Five 90’s Cartoon Characters That Could Fix The BP Oil Spill

Because we at DAPS care so much about the recent BP oil spill nostalgia; we asked ourselves a very important question: “If we were still 7 years old, who would we call to assist in the clean-up?”

19 Apr 2010

Apparently There is a Huge Market for Fake Abs on YouTube…

Prompted by a URLesque piece on the topic, I looked into the world of How-To videos. Specifically, how to fake your abs.

26 Mar 2010

Presenting Chatroullete Users w/ Themselves

Last week I decided to play a little Chatroullete joke of my own. I downloaded ManyCam and set it up to capture the screen of the person I would be Chatroulleting with. So my “partners” would end up seeing themselves in my video feed.

Avon Junkies | Adam Tilzer Bullshit Shoot
22 Jul 2009

BS! DAPS makes another Avon Junkies music video. UPDATE!

DAPS did it again, Avon Junkies music video number two. This one’s name would cause us to lose google adsense on the front page, so you’re gonna have to click through to find out what song…

31 Mar 2009

Dirty Roc Interviews Adult Film Star Lisa Sparxxx

DAPS’ own Dirty Roc met up with adult film actress Lisa Sparxxx, to discuss life in the industry. This interview which was filmed in Lisa’s hotel room was a lot of fun for all of the DAPS crew who were in attendence.

Hobo Swap Logo
30 Mar 2009

Vin Forte’s “Hobo Swap”

It took an entire year, from conception of the idea to a world premiere at Martini Red, but yes, Hobo Swap is finally here!!

23 Feb 2009

Dog and Pony Show visits NY COMIC CON ’09

Just Imagine all the “weird” and “kooky” things they get into! Power Rangers!

25 Nov 2008


AWESOME FLYING DRAGONS, A Jerry Bruckheimer Production.

20 Feb 2008

Ode To The Morning Poop

Let me begin with a disclaimer: the following is not for the faint of heart, the first poop of the day will be discussed at great length.

29 Jan 2008

Homosexuwhales Pilot

Donovan and Bruce are two Homosexuwhales, they aren’t romantically linked, but are very good friends.