24 Jul 2013

Epic City Council Meeting Is Just Excellent Editing Work

Great editing can make anything exciting, just take for example this footage chopped up from a Whitehorse City council meeting. I absolutely love how we’re given glimpses of the monotonous jibber-jabber that actually occurs at the meeting. That way we know just how good the editing job sells such boring crap.

23 Jul 2013

5 Borough is a Interesting Look at the Entirety of NYC, from an Urban Explorer’s Perspective

Friends of DAPS Mike Shane and Don Arangio recently took an exploratory mission into iconic (if not unknown) landmarks throughout NYC. Picking 1 from each borough the pair documents the journey and captures the feelings of mystery, pride, danger, etc, perfectly.

18 Jul 2013

Live-Action Remake of Disney’s Recess Is Something I Don’t Hate

A remake of any show’s opening credits typically gets discarded into my mental rubbish bin as soon as I see it, but being that this is a remake of Recess, one of my favorite cartoons ever, I gave it a shot.

16 Jul 2013

Sending Flowers Online Used to Suck, But Not Anymore

Now a days most of our shopping is done online, and if you are anything like me, you’ve bought flowers for someone you care about from the net once in your life. I say once, because if you’re anything like me, you’re also now single because those flowers were total crap.

11 Jul 2013

Suped-Up Golf Carts Shaped Like Golf Balls, From V Energy

They’re basically golf carts, with roll cages, shaped like golf balls, and they’re much faster. I mean, I really want one so bad. I’d even drink a case of New Zealand’s favorite energy drink if that increases my chances. (If you’re reading, V, make it happen!)

27 Jun 2013

Exploding Actresses Is Pretty Much What It Sounds Like

Video editor, Simone Rovelli has put together some immensely amusing video clips where famous female actresses (and cartoons) lose their heads.

29 May 2013

Watch Stony Cover Macklemore & Ryan Lews Using A Car, A Dryer, And Other Everyday Objects

OK, It’s not a full cover of the song, but my man Stony’s looping version of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” is pretty damn cool.

21 May 2013

George Brett Tells an Excellent S**t Story

This video of ex-third baseman George Brett is hella old. But, the shit story it contains is still ridiculously funny. Well, the good folks over at flipflopflyin.com have put together an excellent infographic breaking down the logistics of Brett’s shit story in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Take a look:

15 May 2013

Fourth Grade NYC Public School Student Makes Documentary About Gross School Lunches

The hot lunch program was hardly part of that. Apparently, pizza Friday and Chicken Sandwich Tuesday isn’t good enough for Zachary Maxwell, so he decided to make a documentary about how “yucky” his school lunch was.

15 May 2013

DYK? They Attached a GoPro Camera To The Final Piece of Spire on WTC1

This is really interesting. Before the crane lifted the final piece of the spire atop One World Trade Center, some clever person attached a GoPro camera so we could see it’s POV on the way up.