22 Oct 2010

Your Grandpa Sucked At World War 2

Did he ever pull this off while fighting the NAZI’s?????

26 Aug 2010

Watch this Guy Shoulder Check a Girl Under the Guise of a Chest Bump and Completely Wreck her

watch a guy completely level a chick in a failed chestbump attempt.

09 Aug 2010

A Literal Translation of ‘Regulate’ by Warren G

Where do you go when you need halp decoding your favorite mid 90’s rap tunes?? Wikipedia has got you covered, son! See what I did there? I wrote that all urban and coool.

10 Dec 2009

Garfield The Cat Is Dead…

Garfield is dead? How can this be? I mean, granted I haven’t read a Garfield strip in years, this is still horrible.

12 Nov 2009

911, Lavalife, Phone Sex… Same Difference, Right?

Joshua Basso did what we’ve all thought about. He Called 911 and attempted phone sex, of course hilarity ensued.

06 Nov 2009

With H1N1 Fear At Its Highest Point, Why Not Do Your Part and Kill Off All Of Humanity?

Come play the most tasteless but addictive game during these troubled times.

29 Jan 2008

1 Guy 2 Cups

The DAPS Crew Sits Down To Watch The Infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup Video. Carlo Has Some Reservations.