12 Jan 2016

Here Are Your Winning Powerball Numbers, Also Powerball Is An Illuminati Conspiracy, Also Rick Ross

Here at the DAPS office, Libbermish and I think we’ve figured out the winning Powerball numbers. If you’re living in a cave, or another country, or reading this from the future, let me explain. The Powerball lottery drawing, is at it’s biggest jackpot of all-time, and we think the whole thing is a conspiracy.

10 Jul 2013

Life On Earth During The Universal Logo Is TERRIFYING

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like to be on earth, the moment that the Universal Pictures title sequence began to orbit the Earth like it does before every Universal Picture?

21 May 2013

George Brett Tells an Excellent S**t Story

This video of ex-third baseman George Brett is hella old. But, the shit story it contains is still ridiculously funny. Well, the good folks over at flipflopflyin.com have put together an excellent infographic breaking down the logistics of Brett’s shit story in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Take a look:

09 Apr 2013

Check Out This Anchorman and Macklemore’s Thrift Shop Mashup

Why should you? Because it’s fucking awesome… (Get it? It’s a line from Macklamore’s song.)

08 Feb 2013

5 Things J.J. Abrams Must Bring to Star Wars to Make it Epic

Will Disney jump out of the bushes, tear down my Empire Strikes Back panties and rape my dreams?

Well, here are the 5 things Abrams has to do in order to keep my mind-anus intact.

14 Aug 2012

Sharks: The Other 51 Weeks A Year

Now that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is upon us, we here at DAPS are celebrating everything Shark!

02 Aug 2012

5 Events DAPS Would Like To See At The Next Summer Olympics

We’ve gone ahead and mocked up some events that could spice up the 2016 summer Olympics so they hit that all-important DAPS demographic.

31 Jul 2012

X-Men in Iconic Civil Rights Photos.

You know what’s funny? The Civil Rights Movement of the ’60s.

24 Jul 2012

Eddie Murphy’s Crotch is the Best Part of Delirious.

I’m going to regale you with a tale about Eddie Murphy’s crotch.

23 Apr 2012

Stephen Hawking Already Proved That Time Travel is Impossible.

I know I know. What a total bummer. I was really hoping we’d all be able to Time Travel into the past and explore the mysteries of the universe.