Jay Miller Public Music Video
19 Aug 2013

An interview with Midevenings host, Jay Miller

Staten Island native, Jay Miller, is the host of Midevenings with Jay Miller. A unique type of talk show filled with many unexpected appearances and events. Whether it’s Bobby Bunz feeding his pet head, or Pooh Bear (Tim Duffy) wrestling Chris Gethard. This show will surely keep you entertained.

19 Jun 2013

An Interview with comedian, Eli Braden

Comedian, writer, musician, Eli Braden is a man of numerous talents. The entertainer posts funny music videos onto his YouTube page. On Twitter he showcases his humor to his 100k followers.

An Interview with Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans
08 May 2013

An Interview with Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans

Jeff Wysaski is widely known for his humorous, creative, very popular Tumblr posts. He shares videos, pictures, and much more. If you crave clever, unique comedy, pleated-jeans is the place for you. Jeff’s original pictures are a fan favorite among many.

10 Apr 2013

An interview with Comedian/Writer, Josh Gondelman

Josh Gondelman discusses his favorite comedians/writers, growing up, and uses for a bicycle tire.

08 Apr 2013

An interview with funny lady, Randi Lawson

The very funny Randi Lawson discusses comedy, sponge baths, and Q-Tips

21 Mar 2013

An Interview with ‘Impractical Jokers’ writer, Casey Jost

Casey Jost talks about the Impractical Jokers writing process, Les Vinyls next album, and heroin syringe pencils.